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altering the holy word of God—a crime of biblical proportion


The deceivers so hate Jesus that they have re-written the Bible and, because their tampered forgery is in Hebrew, they have gulled many. Masorete Jews altered the Old Testament for a millennium after the Crucifixion in order to dethrone Jesus Christ in their tampered Hebrew fraud.


At the time of Jesus Christ’s Incarnation, there was no complete Hebrew Bible. Ironically the only complete Bible (Old Testament) for the Israelites at the time of Jesus was the Greek Septuagint, a Greek translation authorized and compiled in about 250 B.C. by the 72 rabbis of the Sanhedrin, the official Jewish court.


After Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem, a “Hebrew Bible” was compiled to de-throne Jesus Christ.


“The compiler Akiba ben Yosef (aka Rabbi Akiva) drew up the canon which would became the Tanakh in A.D. 95.  He believed that the messiah wasn’t Jesus the Christ but a man named Bar Kochba.  In his Torah he included the rabbi-created Halakahic laws and set out to destroy the credibility of the Gospels.  This text ultimately became the Hebrew Bible or Masoretic Text when it was codified by Aaron Ben Asher in the A.D. 10th century and was latter given the stamp of sacred authorization by none other than the anti-Catholic, Maimonides!”



As late as 1000 A.D., the Masoretes, Jewish enemies of Jesus, altered their phony “Hebrew Bible” to reflect Judaism’s hatred of Jesus Christ. Need proof? The Dead Sea Scrolls agree with the Septuagint confirming that the “Hebrew Bible” was changed by the rabbis to reflect their hatred of Jesus Christ, His Church, and the New Israel, Christians. The rabbis altered the Word of God to dethrone Jesus, dispute His Virgin Birth, etc.  Ironic isn’t it that the Greek is authentic while the Hebrew is not? It is a clever and diabolical trick of the rabbis to pretend otherwise. For the Old Testament, rely on the Septuagint. For an English version, rely on the Douay Rheims, as we do here.


Four lines of evidence confirm that the Septuagint is authentic and the Masoretic “Hebrew Bible” is a post-Christian fraud:


  1. The authenticity of the Septuagint, authorized and translated by the Sanhedrin about 250 B.C.
  2. The Dead Sea scrolls corroborate the Septuagint translation and contradict the “Hebrew Bible.”
  3. The New Testament quotes from the Old Testament agree with the Septuagint and contradict the “Hebrew Bible.”
  4. The Syriac Peshitta Bible from the 2nd century A.D. agrees with the Septuagint and contradicts the “Hebrew Bible.”


The New Testament quotes the Septuagint, not the Masoretic “Hebrew Bible.” The early Church accepted the Septuagint texts as authentic. The Guns, Lies, and Forgeries article below is compiled by a non-Catholic (Greek Orthodox), but it is a well-written and succinct summary of the problems with the Masoretic texts and the extreme measures that the Israelis have taken to prevent access to the Dead Sea Scrolls because the Dead Sea Scrolls contradict the Masoretic texts in hundreds of verses:


Guns, Lies, and Forgeries

by Robert E. Reis



Fresh off the ‘drukn’ — The Bible of Friendship

As we teach our children, when he attacks you, the devil will not be wearing a red suit and carrying a pitchfork. He will pose as your friend. As the saw goes, “With friends like these…,” the rabbis are coming at Catholics in “friendship,” amicizia, to teach us what we should believe.  Expectedly the talmudic anti-Pope is backing the rabbis’ play, not Jesus. The details will enrage you.