Ireland • “The Jew shrieks in pain as he strikes you!”

Irish Referendum [on abortion] Was Rigged

https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/05/irish-abortion-referendum.htmlIsraeli Deputy Ambassador to Ireland and self-chosen judge of critics of Israeli barbarism, Nurit Tinari-Modai


The Limerick “pogrom”: Creating Jewish victimhood


Antigoyite Israeli ambassador calls Irish protesters against Gaza massacre, ‘heathen hordes; ignorant, anti-Semitic mob’

Offending and attacking its host country, plotting against activists, complaining about journalists and spewing racism on Facebook and Twitter.




Ireland Pushed Closer to ‘Noahide’ Tyranny


Meet Ireland's new Minister for "Justice, Equality, Defence," Immigration and much, much more. What wide-ranging powers this fellow will possess in the brand new, consolidated office he's stepping into:


Alan Shatter, Jewish Minister of Justice, Equality and Defensedestroyer of Catholic IrelandMeet our man in the Dail

Jewish Chronicle


March 10, 2011

Lawyer Alan Shatter, Ireland's only Jewish member of parliament, has become Minister of Justice, Equality and Defence in the country's new government. The new prime minister, Enda Kenny, has appointed Mr Shatter in his coalition of the centre-right Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party. Mr Shatter is MP for Dublin South, where most of Dublin's Jewish community live. Just 60, Mr Shatter was first elected to the Dail, the Irish parliament, in 1981, but lost his seat at the 2002 general election. He was re-elected in 2007. He is the author of many Private Member's bills which were subsequently enacted into law in Ireland, particularly in the areas of health, sport and justice. He is also former president of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports. [But is he against kosher slaughter?] A staunch supporter of Israel, Mr Shatter clashed repeatedly during the Gaza incursion in 2009 with the Sinn Fein MP Aengus Ó’Snodaigh, who claimed that Mr Shatter and the Israeli ambassador to Ireland had exposed Parliament's foreign affairs committee to “propaganda, twisted logic and half truths” [Shatter, an apologist for the ‘Israel’ ‘Defense’ Force’s white phosphorus holocaust of Gaza civilians, simultaneously pushes prison sentences for “Holocaust deniers.”]



Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time

by Gabriel Donohoe, January 4, 2011


The Irish Government has recently passed the harshest budget in the history of the State with further austerity promised for the next three years and perhaps for decades. Prime Minister Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan have steered Ireland from the booming prosperity of a Celtic Tiger to a ruined shell of a country where unemployment, poverty, emigration, and despair are proceeding to destroy a once proud, industrious people. Cowen and Lenihan also bear the ignominy of having brought in the International Monetary Fund who, along with EU banksters, are now dictating Irish fiscal policy. The IMF has long had a vulturish reputation for plundering weaker countries by stripping the flesh of its victims down to the bare bones. This repulsive scavenger is well known for promoting austerity and misery, grabbing national assets for its bankster and corporate friends, and leaving the skeleton of a country’s economy in its wake. The first piece of offal to be plucked from the Irish carcass by this opportunistic carrion eater was the nation’s €20 billion pension fund, the life savings of working people. As a result of Ireland’s dramatic reversal of fortune the names of Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan are now being reviled as the villains who inflicted horrendous financial disaster upon the Irish people and forced the enslavement of future generations to a criminal cadre of International Banksters.…


Ireland's Judaic ‘Justice, Equality, Defence” and Immigration Minister Sends Irish Population Transfer Holdouts to the Guilt Chambers



“This Judaic fellow, Alan Shatter who last year stepped into a position of vast power unexplainedly created for him in the Irish government, is overseeing the largest population transfer of native Irish out of Ireland since the Judeo-Masonic so-called ‘potato-famine’ of the 19th century, with a flood of poor Asians, Africans, East Europeans and Roma arriving in their stead. This ‘Irish’ ‘Justice, Equality, Defence’ and Immigration Minister is simultaneously a fanatical advocate of a culturally and ethnically pure ‘Jewish’ state as he browbeats the Irish victims of his cultural genocide. A chief player in this most recent Irish ethnic cleansing program, Shatter sends the holdouts to the ‘Holocaust’ guilt chambers, an ongoing project of his which he would like to augment with criminal charges for those who refuse to assent their will to his ‘Holocaust’ blather.”


Abortion in Europe: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts Takes Entrepreneurial Approach by Cassandra Vinograd, April 29, 2016

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts (at left) is another Jewish monster who specializes in murdering goyische children, especially Catholic children, using off-shore abortion ships and internet-ordered pills.



Other Israeli nationalists waging tribal warfare on Ireland


There are other Israeli nationalists at war with the Irish people, imposing policy in Ireland that they would fight to the death to prevent in Counterfeit Israel. Some background on two of them at the links below (I have reservations about some language and assertions at this source, but nevertheless it seems to be a noteworthy effort):


Ronit Lentinhttp://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Ronit_Lentin


Alan Grossmanhttp://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Alan_Grossman


Alan Grossman's penchant is for psychological attack on Irish children. An example of this can be seen below:


The Cultural Marxist [JEWISH] Indoctrination Of Irish [CATHOLIC] Children

https://youtu.be/z46v_v9I-BI disappeared by YouTube until re-named

The Indoctrination Of Irish Children





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