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Bloomberg tells pregnant Gentile “Kill it!”


“He told me to ‘kill it’ in a serious monotone voice,” Sekiko Sakai, a sales manager who filed the lawsuit in 1997, alleged. “I asked ‘What? What did you just say?’ He looked at me and repeated in a deliberate manner ‘kill it.’”



“Kill even the best of the Gentiles”

Who is human? Who is not?


So much for Everytown for Gun ‘Safety’ founder Bloomberg’s talmudic concept of ‘safety.’

Does he tell Jews to kill their babies?

Good news and good for several belly laughs!

ADL 2019 Global Survey: Goyim Hate Jews Even More

by David Israel - 23 Heshvan 5780 – November 21, 2019


Trump Woos Jews,

Jews Impeach Trump




Why (((Horowitz))) won't

moser the perps:

the deadly code of silence, mesirah • moser