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The son of the former Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff, documented the Ashkenazi cult of ritual child murder:

Pasque di Sangue: Ebrei d’Europa e omicidi rituali
Bloody Passover: European Jews and Ritual Homicide]

by Dr. Ariel Toaff. First edition (Bologna, Italy: Il Mulino, 2007)


An English translation is available at


A very detailed review of the book:




Courtesy of Tradition in Action’s book review, a listing of the ritual murders catalogued by Dr. Toaff:



As you would expect, documentation of numerous ritual murders of Christian children by Jews, especially documentation provided by the son of the former Chief Rabbi of Rome, caused an enormous furor. Initially Dr. Toaff courageously stood tall promising to stand by his findings from medieval archives, but he suffered death threats and threats of prosecution by the Israeli Knesset. Within a week, publication of his first edition was stopped and the books were recalled from bookstores. Dr. Toaff promised—and provided—a heavily revised second edition, bleated that he had been misunderstood, and promised all the profits of his revised edition to the Anti-Defamation League.


Fortunately, enough copies of the first edition survived to be distributed in the original Italian and in translations that are readily available online. Of course, the revised second edition is readily available to anyone who would want it.


The risible premise in the revised edition is that Christian children died at the hands of Jews, but that the children were voluntary donors of blood and things just accidentally went wrong. The second edition is meticulously deconstructed with exact quotes here:



Excerpt from the preamble to the deconstruction:




Short summary


Revised 24 February 2011


Prof. Toaff has since partially recanted, and now maintains that:

• yes, Jews are a corrupting and disruptive element in society;

• yes, Jews lend money at 40% and seem to do little else;

• yes, Jews buy and sell justice with huge bribes;

• yes, Jews pull off all sorts of fraudulent bankruptcies and swindles;

• yes, Jews resort to poisoning and assassination when thwarted;

• yes, Jews are obsessed with hatred for Christians and the Christian religion;

• yes, Jews kidnapped and castrated Christian boys on a large scale and sold them into slavery in Islamic Spain for centuries;

• yes, Jews used [and still use?] human blood in all sorts of quack remedies, despite the Biblical prohibition, even for minor complaints;

• yes, Jews used [and still use?] Christian human blood in their matzoh balls at Passover;

• yes, Jews used [and still use?] Christian human blood in their wine at Passover;

• yes, the blood had to be from Christian boys no more than 7 years of age;

• yes, the blood had [has?] to be certified kosher by a rabbi;

• yes, there was [is?] a large and profitable trade in fake blood products and animal blood, which were [are?] unsuitable to the purpose;

• yes, Christians tried to sell the blood of Christian boys to Jews, but were rejected because the Jews feared it was animal blood; but no, no Christian boys were ever killed to obtain the blood. Never, never! Or hardly ever. It all came from “voluntary donors”!




Though the Israeli press initially documented the duress to which Dr. Toaff was subjected, duress that forced him to recant, that press coverage has conveniently (for the perpetrators of the duress) been largely “disappeared.”


A salient example is the article ‘Blood Libel’ Author halts press by Matthew Wagner &  AP, originally in the February 14, 2007 edition of The Jerusalem Post.  The article was originally available at the Jerusalem Post and is even mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on Dr. Ariel Toaff (see footnote #12), but the article was subsequently “disappeared” from not only The Jerusalem Post, but was also “disappeared” from encyclopedia.com. The article remains archived at https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-135137120.html, but requires a paid subscription for access. The content is quoted in several sites and can be found by searching for for ‘Blood Libel’ Author halts press.


Some reports have survived:


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While the Always Innocent Perpetual Victims wailed that the perpetrators of St. Simon’s ritual crucifixion and bloodletting murder had been tortured—as indeed they had been—they were at pains to explain what Toaff had adduced, that those who had been tortured revealed the as-yet-unknown location of St. Simon’s corpse. Had torture miraculously infused such knowledge?


Too, the “blood libel” claimants pass off the confessions as a tell-me-what-you-want-me-to-say phenomenon, but, not only did the perpetrators reveal the location of St. Simon’s mutilated little body, but Toaff documented that the perpetrators also revealed secret aspects of Judaic rituals that could not have been known to the torturers.


Denials, bribery, rent garments, death threats, etc.—the modus operandi is repeated throughout history whether it is the ritual murder of Fr. Thomas in Damascus, the trial of Leo Frank for the murder of little Mary Phagan (the event that spawned the Anti-Defamation League), or the recent Israeli “Defense” Force’s involvement with the rabbis’ murder-for-organ-harvesting crime syndicate.


One thing that is interesting because it was “missing in action” from all the furor was Toaff’s documentation of Judaic culture in the time of St. Simon of Trent. It is not just a ritual murder cult that Toaff documented, but a wicked Jewish culture pervaded by perversion and criminality, including prostitution, violent extortion, and murder-for-hire, especially by physician poisoners. Toaff freely stipulated such a hellish culture, but not a peep was ever mentioned about that in all the propaganda against him and his book.





by Ariel Toaff, from Chapter 8

Translated by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, 2007:


That Christian Europe of the Middle Ages feared the Jews is an established fact. Perhaps the widespread fear that Jews were scheming to abduct children, subjecting them to cruel rituals, even antedates the appearance of stereotypical ritual murder which seems to have originated in the 12th century. As for myself, I believe that serious consideration should be given to the possibility that this fear was largely related to the slave trade, particularly in the 9th and 10th centuries, when the Jewish role in the slave trade appears to have been preponderant (10).


During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague - were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice (11).


The first testimony relating to the abduction of children by Jewish merchants active in the trade flowing into Arab Spain,

p. 129


comes down to us in a letter from Agobard, archbishop of Lyon in the years 816-840. The French prelate describes the appearance at Lyons of a Christian slave, having escaped from Córdoba, who had been abducted from Leonese Jewish merchant twenty four years before, when he was a child, to be sold to the Moslems of Spain. His companion in flight was another Christian slave having suffered a similar fate after being abducted six years before by Jewish merchants at Arles. The inhabitants of Lyons confirmed these claims, adding that yet another Christian boy had been abducted by Jews to be sold into slavery that same year. Agobard concludes his report with a comment of a general nature; that these were not considered isolated cases, because, in every day practice, the Jews continued to procure Christian slaves for themselves and furthermore subjecting them to “infamies such that it would be vile in itself to describe them” (12).


Precisely what kind of abominable “infamies” Agobard is referring to is not clear; but it is possible that he was referring to castration more than to circumcision (13). Liutprando, bishop of Cremona, in his Antapodosis, said to have been written in approximately 958-962, referred to the city of Verdun as the principal market in which Jews castrated young slaves intended for sale to the Moslems of Spain (14). During this same period, two Arab sources, Ibn Haukal and Ibrahim al Qarawi, also stressed that the majority of their eunuchs originated from France and were sold to the Iberian peninsula by Jewish merchants. Other Arabic writers mentioned Lucerna, a city with a Jewish majority, halfway between Córdoba and Málaga in southern Spain, as another major market, in which the castration of Christian children after reducing them to slavery was practiced on a large scale by the very same people (15).


Contemporary rabbinical responses provide further confirmation of the role played by Jews in the trade in children and young people as well as in the profitable transformation of boys into eunuchs. These texts reveal that anyone who engaged in such trade was aware of the risks involved, because any person caught and arrested in possession of castrated slaves in Christian territories was decapitated by order of the local authorities (16).


Even the famous Natronai, Gaon of the rabbinical college of Sura in the mid-9th century was aware of the problems linked to the dangerous trade in young eunuchs.

p. 130


“Jewish (merchants) entered (into a port or a city), bringing with them slaves and castrated children [Hebrew: serisim ketannim]. When the local authorities confiscated them, the Jews corrupted them with money, reducing them to more harmless advisors, and the merchandise was returned, at least in part” (17).


But if one wishes to interpret the significance and scope of the Jewish presence in the slave trade and practice of castration, it is a fact that the fear that Christian children might be abducted and sold was rather widespread and deeply rooted in all Western European countries, particularly, France and Germany, from which these Jews originated and where the greater part of the slave merchants operated. Personalities in the clergy nourished that fear, conferring religious connotations upon it with an anti-Jewish slant, failing to account for the fact that slavery as a trade had not yet gone out of fashion morally and, as such, was broadly tolerated in the economic reality of the period. On the other hand, the abduction and castration of children, often inevitably confused with circumcision, which was no less feared and abhorred, could not fail to insinuate themselves in the collective unconscious mind of Christian Europe, especially the French and German territories, inciting anxiety and fear, which probably solidified over time, and, as a result, are believed to have concretized themselves in a variety of ways and in more or less in the same places, as ritual murder.






10. In this regard, see Ch. Verlinden’s now famous classic, L’esclavage dans l’Europe médiévale, Brugge, 1955, vol. I, pp. 702-716. For a rather over-simplified interpretation of the role of the Jews in the slave trade, see B. Blumenkranz, Juifs et Chrétiens dans le monde occidental (430-1096), Paris 1960, pp. 18-19, 184-211, to which the same Verlinden replied (A propos de la place des juifs dans l’économie de l’Europe occidentale au IXème siècles. Agobard de Lyon et l’historiographie arabe, in Storia e storiograph. Miscellanea de studi in onore di E. Dupre -Theseider, Rome, 1974, pp. 21-37).


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15. On the Arab sources attesting to the role of Jewish merchants in the eunuch trade, cfr. Verlinden, L’esclavage dans l’Europe médiévale, cit., p. 716; Id., A propos de la place des juifs, cit., pp. 22.


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17. The text of Natronai Gaon is reported in Assaf, Slavery and the Slave-Trade, cit., pp. 100-101. During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague - were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice.


Excerpt, Chapter Eight, Pasque di Sangue, First Edition,

English translation by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, 2007

Revision Date September 14, 2007, Rosh Hoshana, nightfall (5768)




They have murdered their own children, but insist they have never murdered ours.


When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God shall give thee, beware lest thou have a mind to imitate the abominations of those nations.  Neither let there be found among you any one that shall expiate his son or daughter, making them to pass through the fire: or that consulteth soothsayers, or observeth dreams and omens, neither let there be any wizard, Nor charmer, nor any one that consulteth pythonic spirits, or fortune tellers, or that seeketh the truth from the dead.  For the Lord abhorreth all these things, and for these abominations he will destroy them at thy coming.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12


And the word of the Lord came to Jeremias, saying:  Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh: shall any thing be hard for me?… And they have built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Ennom, to consecrate their sons and their daughters to Moloch: which I commanded them not, neither entered it into my heart, that they should do this abomination, and cause Juda to sin.

Jeremias 32:26-35


And they have built the high places of Topeth, which is in the valley of the son of Ennom, to burn their sons, and their daughters in the fire: which I commanded not, nor thought on in my heart. Jeremias 7:31


But they mingled with the nations And learned their practices, And served their idols, and it became a stumblingblock to them.  And they sacrificed their sons, and their daughters to devils.  And they shed innocent blood: the blood of their sons and of their daughters which they sacrificed to the idols of Chanaan. And the land was polluted with blood, And was defiled with their works: and they went aside after their own inventions. Psalms 105 (106) :35-39


But he [King Achaz of Judea, son of King David] walked in the way of the kings of Israel: moreover he consecrated also his son, making him pass through the fire according to the idols of the nations: which the Lord destroyed before the children of Israel.

4 Kings (2 Kings) 16:3

See also: 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 28:3


And they forsook all the precepts of the Lord their God: and made to themselves two molten calves, and groves, and adored all the host of heaven: and they served Baal.  And consecrated their sons, and their daughters through fire: and they gave themselves to divinations, and soothsayings: and they delivered themselves up to do evil before the Lord, to provoke him.

4 Kings (2 Kings) 17:16-17


And he [King Manasses of Jerusalem] made his son pass through fire: and he used divination, and observed omens, and appointed pythons, and multiplied soothsayers to do evil before the Lord, and to provoke him. 4 Kings (2 Kings) 21:6

See also: 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 33:6


Who seek your comfort in idols under every green tree, sacrificing children in the torrents, under the high rocks? Isaias 57:5


And thou hast taken thy sons, and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne to me: and hast sacrificed the same to them to be devoured. Is thy fornication small? Thou hast sacrificed and given my children to them, consecrating them by fire. Ezechiel 16:20-21


And I polluted them in their own gifts, when they offered all that opened the womb, for their offences: and they shall know that I am the Lord. Ezechiel 20:26




on the tail of the ritual murder by Jews of a child in Saragossa, Spain, another infamy, the ritual murder by Jews of the

Holy Child of La Guardia

sentence read before the execution of the Jew Juce Franco for his role in the ritual murder of the Holy Child of La Guardia in Spain, 1492 A.D.


It has been clearly proven that the Jew Juce Franco did seduce some Christians [false converts from Judaism, “Marranos”] to the rites and ceremonies of the Law of Moses by teaching them Jewish prayers, praying in Hebrew to the Creator to whom he commended them, and telling them that the Law of Moses was the true law, whereas the Law of Christ was false.  He also taught them the times of the Jewish Passover and other Fasts, and explained to them why the Jews did not eat certain meats. He further did communicate to and participate with these same Christians [Marranos] in other mysteries of his Jewish law, serving them Jewish foods and wine, eating and drinking with them the better to confirm them in the Law of Moses. …This Juce Franco personally took part, together with other Jews and with Christians [Marranos], in the crucifixion –at night and in a secret cave– of an innocent Christian boy. They stretched out his arms and legs on two boards arranged in the form of a Cross. Then they flogged him, spat on him, beat him, tore out the pieces of his flesh, and put a crown of thorns on his head. This Juce Franco, with his own hands seized the bleeding boy by the arm, cut open his side with a knife, and took out his heart. Then he beat him and tore his flesh in memory and vituperation of the Sacred Passion of Jesus Christ our Redeemer, uttering curses and insults on the Person of Christ as though He were actually on the Cross. And while they were flogging the said youth, they said to him: “This traitor and deceiver, when he preached, spoke lies against the Law of God and the Law of Moses.”

“Now you will pay for the things you said and did in that ancient time. You thought you would abase us and exalt yourself, for which you shall suffer even more evil than this. You thought you would destroy us, but we will destroy you. Crucify him. crucify him —this dog, this swindler, this deceiver, and bewitcher! He called himself King of the Jews. But he was a mere man, like any other, a bastard born in adultery, the son of a corrupt and adulterous woman. He tried to destroy the Jews and their Law, but it is he who will be destroyed by us, for coming to turn the Jews into Christians with his deceptions and witchcraft.” These words and vituperations this Juce Franco and the other Jews first taught to these Christians [Marranos], who then imitated these Jews in the same manner, repeating the same vituperations and others of the same kind. And after the child had been tortured and crucified by this Juce Franco and the others, they killed him, took him down from the Cross, and took him away and secretly buried him that same night where no one could find him. Some days later this Jew, Juce Franco, and all his other accomplices in this crime, met together secretly in the same cave, where they performed certain conjuring and experiments in witchcraft with the heart of the dead boy and a consecrated Communion wafer. They performed these conjurings with the perverted and diabolical intention of making the Inquisitors against heretical depravity together with all other Christians go mad and die of madness, and of subverting, and destroying and killing the Holy Faith of Jesus.


Longhurst, John Edward. “The Ritual Murder of La Guardia,”

The Age of Torquemada. The Library of Iberian Resources Online, XI: 149-152.



See also:


The Last Crusader: Isabella of Spain by William Thomas Walsh (Rockford IL: Tan Books, 1987) Chapter 25, “The Crucifixion of the Holy Child of La Guardia Hastens Isabel’s Decision to Expel All the Jews from Spain - a Cause Célèbre,” 342-372



The Strange Sad Saga of

St. Simon of Trent

 A Child Murder Case From Long Ago

By Harrell Rhome [a gnostic], M.Div., Ph.D.



Oddly, even an Oprah Winfrey broadcast concerned ritual murder by Jews:




“The accidental or contrived disappearance of a Christian child was of vital concern to the nearest Jewish community. It had to be redeemed by Jewish blood or at the very least by Jewish money, which sometimes permitted the matter to be dropped. A secret fund, the alilloth seker (fund for bloody calumnies), set up by the Council of the Four Nations, served chiefly for this purpose.” The History of Anti-Semitism (Volume 1–From the Time of Christ to the Court Jews) by Léon Poliakov, U. Penn Press, 1955, page 272.



Russian Orthodox Church suggests tsar's death was a Jewish ‘ritual murder’

by  Alec Luhn,  The Telegraph, November 28, 2017



VERDICT: Yes, definitely another Jewish ritual murder!

a ritual murder connected to Judaism’s pagan kapparot ritual



This 1905 postcard anticipated the nexus of Judeo-Communism, kapparot, and ritual murder in designating Tsar Nicholas II as one of Judaism’s white fowl pagan animal sacrifices.

The Hebrew reads: “This is a sacrificial animal so is my cleansing; it will be my replacement and cleansing the victim.”

See: Jewish Murder of the Russian Imperial Family


Kapparot—“shlugging” chickens

animal sacrifice to absorb sins



Yom Kippur “Eve” Superstitions of Pagan Judaism


Yom Kippur and the Kol Nidrei Liar’s Liturgy


Benedict’s Elder Brothers and their Voodoo Ritual


Judaic ‘Repentance’ Voodoo 2012/5773


Kaparot and Yom Kippur: Voodoo and Perjury in Judaism


Yom Kippur “Eve” Superstitions of Pagan Judaism

Jewish Ritual Murder

repeatedly disappeared from YouTube and Vimeo, now here:



Jewish ritual murder—truth is no “libel”



The Jews were expelled from Spain in the week of April 29, 1492 A.D., and it had nothing to do with lunar ‘Blood Moon’ superstitions so prevalent today. After tolerating Jewish collusion with the Muslims during the Reconquista and the Church and State subversions by the Marranos (pretended converts from Judaism, literally “swine”), the last straw for the people of Spain was the ritual murder of the Holy Child of La Guardia, following so closely on the similar ritual murder of a child in Saragossa. Throughout Europe, many cases of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children have been documented. St. Simon of Tent in Italy is one of the best known and best documented instances.


The Jews desperately suppress documentation of their ritual murders, even go so far as to call the evidence a libel, but the truth resurfaces.


“... many well-documented cases of massacres of Christians and mock repetitions of the crucifixion of Jesus on Purim, most of which occurred either in the late ancient period or in the Middle Ages. (Some isolated cases occurred in sixteenth-century Poland.)”

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel,

by Israel Shahak & Norton Mevinsky, Chapter VII
the free link was “disappeared,” but the hardcopy book is still available: https://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Fundamentalism-Israel-Eastern-Studies/dp/0745320902

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: The Hidden Cult