“not Canonically Elected…not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer”—St. Francis of Assisi

Shortly before he died in 1226 A.D., St. Francis of Assisi prophesied that:


“A man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true pastor, but a destroyer.”



The “Team Bergoglio” Scandal



Rome — Dec. 25, 2014: Since the scandal regarding Team Bergoglio broke, the From Rome blog has assiduously followed the news and studied what the consequences have been.  On that account more than 25,000 visitors from more than 120 countries have visited this blog to find the news that was not being summarized or published elsewhere.


“Team Bergoglio” is the name given by Dr. Austen Ivereigh, former spokesman to His Eminence, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, ex-Archbishop of Westminster, England, to the group of Cardinals who campaigned for Cardinal Bergoglio in the 2013 Conclave.


The Scandalous consequences of the revelations of Dr. Ivereigh’s book, can be summed up thus: Dr. Ivereigh has written a book alleging as many as 30 cardinals did that which is apparently a violation of the papal law on conclaves, on which account they would be ipso facto excommunicated, Cardinal Bergoglio included, and the election of the latter by 2013 Conclave be null and void and of no effect. — As of this date, no substantial denial has been made by anyone of the accused, and Dr. Ivereigh has not substantially withdrawn, changed, or altered what he wrote.


To continue to assist Catholics and journalists world-wide who wish to know more about this scandal, we present here a summary and links through which readers can grasp the basic and detailed facts of the case which has arisen.


First, our article, The Chronology of Reports on “Team Bergoglio”, contains the master-list of all the news reports of note and blog posts, videos, audios, tweets, etc. which regard crucial information or analysis of the story: this list is in Chronological order according to the date the information was published or presented.


But since the Chronology has already grown to 8 pages in length, for those wishing to grasp the facts, we suggest the following articles:



The other articles which reports facts of lesser interest, though important of themselves, can be found in the Chronology article link above.



Editor’s notes:


  • Antipope: A false claimant of the Holy See in opposition to a pontiff canonically elected. At various times in the history of the Church illegal pretenders to the Papal Chair have arisen, and frequently exercised pontifical functions in defiance of the true occupant.…
    entry “Antipope,” Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 edition
  • The man “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter has spent so much time with the Pharisees that he has embraced their subjective “morality.” In that, he has almost caught up with his family… or have they caught up with him?




dishonorable mention

Francis and the Shekinah



another dishonorable mention for the destroyer
"subsisting in" the Chair of Peter

Francis favorite 1938 modernist painting, “White Crucifixion” by the Byelorussian Jewish painter Moishe Zakharovich Shagal (“Marc Chagall”), not only depicts Jesus as a Chassidic Jew but also contains the common Jewish insult on the Holy Name of Jesus. The Hebrew use of “Yeshu” (ישו) in Chagall’s blaspemy is a Jewish mockery of Jesus’ actual Hebrew name “Yeschua” (ישוע). Yeshu is a Hebrew acronym for
“May his name and memory be blotted out.”


Some “Pope”!




Detail from the “Pope’s” favorite painting:



Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope





World Over Satire - Pope Francis Interview (Pt. 1)





Thanks to the constant tidal wave of edifying research at the Call me Jorge blog:


The Bergolgios in Argentina are celebrating!



Francis’ new Apostolic Exhortation is published!



...and guess what?



source: 1P5 (One Peter Five) Blog, The Headlines Say It All


It’s now legit for his sister, nephew, and his nephew’s live-in-lover to receive communion!



Francis’ divorced sister, Maria Elena must be reveling!


“The only sibling still alive is his sister, Maria Elena, who has been married twice with a son from each husband.“

source: Rootsweb Ancestry, The Bergoglio Family


“Maria Elena sinks his fingers in a blue cardboard box, from which she takes two letters: a handwritten one from May 1958, to her parents from the "Sagrada Familia" College of Cordoba, and another written to her newly divorced (spouse), a few years later...He (Francis) has always been there for me. Even when facing a divorce from my husband, he supported me, he helped me.  I still can not believe that he became Pope. ”


source: La Repubblica, "Papa Francesco bambino": il racconto della sorella Maria Elena


Francis meeting Marina Muro, who cohabitates with Jose Ignacio Bergoglio.


“Now José Ignacio lives with his girlfriend and dreams that when he marries his uncle will officiate the ceremony. "I asked him, maybe it's not possible but it is my desire," he reveals.”

source: Religión en Libertad, El sobrino del Papa peregrina a la Basílica de Luján y dice que ve a su tío rejuvenecido



Jose and Marina not only work together at the Haciendo Lio (Making a Mess) foundation they also live together in sin.



the talmudic anti-Pope­


false prophet & abomination of desolation


“As regular readers of [Call Me Jorge] know, Francis is into all things Judaic, especially Chasidism.  Their doctrines creep out here and there in Francis’ sermons and documents.  One of the things which Francis does with regularity is to invert the teachings of the Church.  An example of this is the use of the term ‘pharisee’ which he applies to his enemies, who are not open to Talmudic Judaism and Francis’ anti-Catholic machinations.  Another example is his favorite blasphemous painting, White Crucifixion.  Francis shows his hand, when he inverts Catholic doctrine, as a modernist change agent who is simply following the dictates of ‘The Rebbe’ to be, “modern on the outside and Chabad on the inside.” One of the most blatant examples is Francis teaching the Talmudic formula: Yeridah Tzorech Aliyah (“decent for sake of ascent”).  This teaching simply means that one has to descend into sin, which paradoxically has a positive status in Hasidism, in order to ascend to new heights.  This is done because the god of Talmudic Judaism is one of opposites — a hermaphrodite god of good/evil.  In the Hasidic lore, tzaddiks (saints or righteous people) wrestle not with evil but with goodness as they descend into sin in this process in order to ascend into righteousness.  Yeridah Tzorech Aliyah is one of the foundational beliefs of Orthodox Talmudic Judaism along with Tikun Olam.  In the later belief the rabbis have the chutzpah to state that God made creation imperfect and the Talmudic Jews are to correct his work.


“The Hasidism of Francis’ mind is also shown when he says such things as, “[Jesus] made himself the devil” and “the Holy Trinity [is] arguing behind closed doors but on the outside they give the picture of unity.”  Who else sees Jesus as a devil or God as a bunch of arguing rabbis other than a Talmudist?  Whether he his parroting the ideas of Heschel, Levinas, Buber, Wiesel, a dead rebbe from the Steppes, or having over rabbis as guests who often gift him with books (Gluck & Steinsaltz) there’s an excellent chance it’s comes from the Baal Shem Tov and his cult in one manner or another.


“In the video clip below the late Chabad Lubavitcher rabbi, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, explains why Hasids should descend (into sin) in order to ascend — they are hunters getting ready to kill their prey.  Another late Chasidic rabbi, Abraham Heschel (of Vatican II’s Nostra Aetate), in a 1965 interview with Ma'ariv explained exactly whom the prey were, “There are those who would like to attack [Christians] bodies. I want to attack their souls.”  The elevation which takes place is one which will incorporate the prey’s soul into the of cult Talmudic Judaism and worship of their demonic hermaphrodite god.   It’s a total inversion of Catholicism, the religion instituted by Jesus the Christ.  So why is Francis teaching it?”


the Rebbe explains the Hasidic stratagem of “descent for sake of ascent”



See also:



talmudic zingers from the anti-Pope


 “…the memory of him [Jesus] who has made himself sin, who has made himself the devil, the serpent, for us; he has humbled himself to the point of complete annihilation.”

April 4, 2017


“Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors but on the outside they give the picture of unity.”

March 17, 2017


“…a priest that over weeks gives antisemitic talks until Jesus, on the cross, looks at the Virgin, who was at his side, and says to her,

'Mom, let's go since they don't like us;”

January 17, 2014



St. Ignatius Loyola’s advice:


 ”Do nothing, say nothing before considering if

that which you are about to say or do is

pleasing to God, profitable to yourself,

and edifying to your neighbor.”