two Lucys

Page from Ilustração Portuguesa,29 October 1917, showing the people looking at the Miracle of the Sun at FátimaIn 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared six times to three pious Portuguese peasant children. She gave two secrets to the children that they were entrusted to reveal immediately: (1) most sinners go to Hell for sexual sins and (2) unless mankind repented, there would be a second world war. On July 13, 1917 Our Lady entrusted a third secret to one of those children, Lúcia de Jesus Rosa dos Santos. Lúcia eventually entered the Carmelite Order and became known to the world as Sister Lucy. Our Lady delivered the Miracle of the Sun to prove the Heavenly veracity of the secrets. The Third Secret was to be revealed before 1960, but “Pope” John XXIII, Angelo Roncalli, and subsequent “Popes” suppressed the Third Secret. As best we can discern from vetted testimony, the Third Secret warned of a Great Apostasy beginning at the top of the Church spread by a false Council. Roncalli was a covert Freemason. Under the prevailing 1913 Code of Canon Law, Roncalli”s induction into the Freemasonic lodge automatically excommunicated him and so also disqualified him from the papacy. Roncalli could not be a legitimate Pope. In 1960 Roncalli was busy preparing for his “Second” Vatican Council, a revolutionary overthrow of perennial Catholic morals and dogma and an engineered destruction of all the sacraments. He had every reason to suppress Heaven’s warning against his diabolical Judeo-Masonic revolution. Subsequent collaborators have shared the same motive  to suppress the Third Secret and so, to quell interest in the Third Secret, in 2000 Wojtyla the Worst (John Paul II) promulgated a phony “Third Secret.” The apparent approbation of a “Sister Lucy” tricked many Catholics into believing the Third Secret had been released and of no further portent… but that “Sister Lucy” looked and behaved nothing like the Sister Lucy. It is widely believed that an impostor is the one who endorsed the phony “Third Secret.”


Finally, an investigation has been launched. The full strength of modern science, including DNA analysis and facial recognition algorithms, will be brought to bear on the questions—Was there an impostor? Were there two Lucys?


FULL INVESTIGATION: After Reviewing the Issue, Investigator says that A Full Investigation Will Be Needed.

March 23, 2018



Was Opus Dei in Charge of a Sister Lucy Switch and the Falsification of the Fatima Message and the Third Secret? Will this Investigation Bring Down “St.” Josemarie Escriva as well?

March 10, 2018

So many “Saints” involved in the Sister Lucy Mystery! “Saints” John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Josemarie Escriva. If they perpetrated a “Sister Lucy” fraud, how saintly can they be?

Here is the article, first in translation and then in the original, pointing to Opus Dei's central involvement in the “Sister Lucy Case.” …


There WAS an Imposter. On the Day of the Miracle of the Sun, We Publish Our First of Many Expert Reports. A Plastic Surgeon's Judgment on the Case of the Two Sister Lucys.

October 12, 2018

Photographs—Images and Declaration:


Besides the evidence of your eyes, now we have handwriting analysis.


Vatican Fraud Exposed! Sworn Declaration from Professional Handwriting Analyst that Letter from Sister Lucy II in 1969 Was Written By Imposter and Not By Sister Lucy I. Here is Scientific Evidence that the Sister Lucy II, post-1958 Was a Fraud. Read the 125 page declaration here.

January 18, 2019


Handwriting–Declaration and Documents:



the unadulterated messages of Fatima


The Start of the Fatima Story


Apparition of Spring 1916—The Angel Appears


Apparition of Summer 1916—The Angel Returns


Apparition 0f Fall 1916—The Angel’s Final Apparition