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The Jewish Hand in the World Wars

Parts 1 & 2

By Thomas Dalton, PhD




The Jewish Hand in World War Three

By Thomas Dalton, PhD





Rabbi Explains How Jews ‘Made A Mint’ Off European Wars And ‘Back Stabbed’ Their Countries In The Process



Rabbi to his congregation:

How Jews supplied arms for wars in Europe





Jews as War Profiteers


…There is an irony in the latest predicament of Russia’s Jewish financiers given that war, historically, has been very good for Jews. For this reason, it is worth looking for some historical precedent and parallels. Derek Penslar, in his Princeton-published Jews and the Military (2013), points out that Jews might be notorious for shirking actual military service, but have been prolific in profiting from conflicts all over the world:


Jews were prominently involved in an international banking system that derived considerable profit from lending funds directly to governments or packaging and selling government debt. Much of this activity took place during or in the wake of wars. During the American Civil War, the Union government’s debt skyrocketed from $65 million to $3 billion, some 30 percent of the Union’s gross domestic product. Much of that debt was marketed in the form of government bonds in small denominations and bought by ordinary citizens. The Rothschilds had pioneered this practice in France during the 1830s, and the banker Joseph Seligman picked it up in the United States during the Civil War. After the war, the Seligmans, along with the bankers Mayer Lehman and Jacob Schiff, energetically marketed U.S. bonds as well as those of cash-strapped southern-state governments.[D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 146.]


It was Schiff who provided some $200 million in loans to Japan to fuel its expansionist aims in the Far East against a Czarist Russia that was much hated by Jews, and it was the Seligmans who “encouraged the United States’ intervention in Colombia in 1903 to carve out a quasi-independent Panama, where the Seligmans had invested in land along the prospective route of the canal.”[D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 147.] One of the most obvious and notorious examples of a war for Jewish interests is of course the Boer War, 1899–1902. South Africa had been regarded as a rural backwater by the Jews until a diamond strike in 1884 and the discovery of gold in the Witwatersrand in 1887. Following these events there was a substantial influx of Jewish traders, who quickly became a clique of millionaires. Claire Hirschfeld, writing in the Journal of Contemporary History, describes how Jews “were able in a relatively short period of time to create powerful financial syndicates and extended empires within a Boer republic of farmers still clinging to a pastoral life-style.”[C. Hirshfield “The Anglo-Boer War and the Issue of Jewish Culpability.” Journal of Contemporary History 15, no. 4 (October 1980): 619–31.] Financial power soon evolved into a desire to achieve political domination, which required the toppling of the Boers. This would require the use of the British army, and Hirschfeld points out that much of the fever for war was whipped up by a British press dominated by Jews: Oppenheim’s Daily News, Marks’ Evening News, Steinkopf’s St. James Gazette, and Levi-Lawson’s Daily Telegraph. One of the foremost opponents of the war was the English Marxist Henry M. Hyndman, who accused “Semitic lords of the press” of hounding the government into a “criminal war of aggression” in South Africa. He was joined by the editor of Reynolds’ Newspaper, W. H. Thompson, who wrote at the beginning of the war:


At the bottom of the war are the Jewish syndicates and millionaires … counting the chickens shortly to be hatched. … The Stock Exchange pulls the strings and the government dances. But behind the Stock Exchange is the sinister figure of the financial Jew who is gradually enmeshing the world in the toils of the money-web which day and night the great racial freemasonry is spinning in every corner of the globe.


Penslar agrees that Jews worked together to profit from war, writing that “it is a fact, not an antisemitic fantasy, that Jews played vital roles in coordinating the allocation of raw materials during the First World War, not only in Germany but also in the United States.”[D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 150.] This involved overlapping cliques of Jews profiting from every aspect of war production.


Conversely, Jews can flip the pacifist switch when it is judged that war can harm their interests. Penslar points out that the Rothschilds worried in 1914 that “a war could divide the great banking dynasty,” while Max Warburg began hastily dumping his shares in companies trading on the Vienna exchange. Baron Rothschild pleaded with The Times to tone down its anti-German rhetoric, only for the editor to publicly retort at this “dirty German-Jewish financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality.” The German-Jewish shipping magnate Albert Ballin looked on despondently when his merchant fleet sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.…

excerpt from: Twilight of the Oligarchs?

by Andrew Joyce, Unz Review, April 24, 2022






World War 1 is from the Jews


Even in 1880 their plans were revealed.


enlarged image here





Max Nordau was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl told the 6th Zionist Conference in 1903, that there would be a “world war”:


The Twentieth Century, Volume 107, p. 598




11 years later a world war actually started, lasted 4 years, and ended with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and a British mandate in Palestine...



Tish'a B'Av 1914 / תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב 5674

World War 1 started on the 1st of August 1914, Tisha B'Av (Hebrew: תשעה באב or ט׳ באב, "the Ninth of Av,"), the annual fast day in Judaism, named for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast mourns the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date.





Who prepared the political ground for the First World War?


1912: 300 German Jews run Europe, says German Jew politician (Walther Rathenau)


“Only 300 men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any State which they find 'unreasonable.”



Source: Selzer, Michael. Kike! A Documentary History of Anti-Semitism in America. World Publishing Co. Omaha, Nebraska. 1972. pp. 175-176. This book was written by 2 Jews.





Who prepared the ideological ground for the First World War?


In the summer of 1914, the First World War broke out. Few people know that it was prepared primarily by the media, namely the newspapers of that time. This fact is hushed up by historians. Meanwhile, such events never happen by themselves, but are the result of long-term ideological indoctrination of the masses. They require ideological support.


The anti-German propaganda of the leftist Russian newspapers took on an overtly aggressive character beginning in 1910, and this tone became more and more defiant. It was the liberal newspapers, which sympathized with the revolution, the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Socialist-Revolutionaries and world progress, that raised the war. It was here, on the pages of these newspapers, that notes began to appear about the atrocities of the Germans, who broke something there, beat someone there, and there they spoke out apart from the Slavs and called them so and so. These notes and articles grew in number, and their tone became vicious. Anti-German sentiments, which were not at all characteristic of Russia, suddenly became general among the intelligentsia, which consisted in its active part of least of all Russians, but more of Jews, Poles, and partly of representatives of other nationalities.


In turn, anti-Russian notes and other publications began to appear in Germany, and here, in this newspaper campaign, one hand and one will was felt. But, taking into account that since the end of the last, 19th. century, the overwhelming number of periodicals in Russia belonged least of all to Russians, and in France and Germany and other countries they were also in Jewish hands, such an assumption about one hand and the thoroughness of direction in psychological preparation of a military conflict on a worldwide scale will no longer seem like a big fantasy.


August 1914 - the beginning of the war and the beginning of the fall of the Russian state. America remained neutral until April 1917. She was waiting for the revolution and the overthrow of the Autocracy, which she actively helped - not only waited. B'nai B'rith during this period of time influenced European events only indirectly, through its various “committees”. However, when all the warring parties were bled white, the United States considered it simply necessary to enter the war as a full participant on the side of the victors in order to be able to impose its conditions on European countries. In July 1917, B'nai Brit created a league to help soldiers and sailors. As a result, among the nine American Jews chosen to represent the interests of Jewry in the peace negotiations with Germany, one of them is the President of B'nai Brith, Adolph-Kraus. He is present at Versailles, where the fate of the world is decided, and where a peace treaty was signed that predetermined a new world war.


Кто готовил идеологическую почву для Первой Мировой войны?


Летом 1914 года разразилась Первая Мировая война. Мало кто знает, что ее готовили в первую очередь средства массовой информации, а именно газеты того времени. Этот факт замалчивается историками. Между тем такие событие никогда не случаются сами по себе, но являются результатом длительной идеологической обработки народных масс. Они требуют идеологического обеспечения. Антинемецкая пропаганда левых российских газет приобрела откровенный агрессивный характер, начиная с 1910 года, и этот тон становился все более вызывающим. Подняли войну именно либеральные газеты, сочувствующие революции, эсерам, эсдекам и всемирному прогрессу. Именно здесь, на страницах этих газет стали появляться заметки о зверствах немцев, которые там что-то разбили, там кого-то избили, а там высказались кроме славян и обозвали их так-то и так-то. Эти заметки и статьи нарастали числом, и их тональность становилась злобной. Антинемецкие настроения, вовсе не характерные для России, вдруг стали всеобщими среди интеллигенции, состоявшей в своей активной части меньше всего из русских, но больше из евреев, поляков и частично из представителей других народностей. В свою очередь, в Германии стали появляться антирусские заметки и прочие публикации, и здесь, в этой газетной кампании, чувствовалась одна рука и одна воля. Но, принимая во внимание, что еще с конца прошлого, XIX века, подавляющее количество периодических изданий в России менее всего принадлежало русским, а во Франции и Германии и других странах они также находились в иудейских руках, такое предположение об одной руке и тщательности режиссуры в психологической подготовке военного конфликта во всемирном масштабе уже не покажется большой фантазией.


Август 1914 года — начало войны и начало падения Русской государственности. Америка соблюдала нейтралитет до апреля 1917 года. Ждала революции и свержения Самодержавия, чему активно помогала — не только ждала. Бнай Брит в этот промежуток времени оказывал влияние на европейские события лишь косвенно, через свои всевозможные “комитеты”. Однако когда все воюющие стороны были обескровлены, в США сочли просто необходимым вступить в войну в качестве полноправного участника на стороне победителей, чтобы иметь возможность навязывать европейским странам свои условия. В июле 1917 года Бнай Брит создает лигу помощи солдатам и морякам. В результате среди девяти американских евреев, выбранных представлять интересы еврейства на мирных переговорах с Германией, — один из них — президент Бнай Брит, Адольф-Краус. Он присутствует и в Версале, где вершатся судьбы мира, и где был подписан мирный договор, предопределивший новую мировую войну.


V. Ostretsov. Freemasonry, culture and Russian history.

В. Острецов. Масонство, культура и русская история.

Chapter five • B'nai B'rith and Communism

Глава пятая • Бнай Брит и коммунизм



Did the Jews foresee the World War? …or set the fire?


We are reminded of Ron Unz’s turn of a phrase in another context:

“Unless [they] have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.”


Indeed, the Jews set the fire.






Palestine & Balfour • the bargaining chip of New York (and other) Jews






The Road to the First World War

by Richard A. Widmann, July 27, 2014



In 1916 Britain was losing the war. Benjamin Freedman relates how the Zionists turned the tide of the war to benefit the Jews at the expense of Gentile blood and treasure:

“We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war.”

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks on Zionism

transcript of Mr. Freedman’s famous 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel, Washington, DC





Jews & Freemasons plotting assassination to launch World War 1


How the British ran the Sarajevo murder [of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife
by Joseph Brewda, Executive Intelligence Report Volume 22, number 13, March 24, 1995





“British”? Jews. The transcripts of the assassins’ trial reveal that Gavrilo Princep. the chief assassin, was a Jew. History (as above) is not shy to record that the assassins were all members of the Masonic “Black Hand Lodge,” but you will never hear in that same breath that all of Freemasonry is subservient to the Jewish B'nai B'rith Lodge. (Yes. That B'nai B'rith)


Secret Powers Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism

by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, 1929, p. 80.

https://archive.org/details/freemasonry-and-judaism_202103 download here.



The Jewish Hand in the World Wars

Parts 1 & 2

By Thomas Dalton






“In appearance, all will be unchanged, however, all will be transformed.  Jerusalem will become the new papacy.  Jerusalem will resemble a great spider laboriously weaving a web whose threads of electricity and of gold will shine over the whole world.  The center of this network of gold from which all these threads issue, will be Jerusalem.” • Extract from a poem composed by the Jew Louis Lévy in 1918, published by the house Nytnordisk Forlag of Copenhagen, quoted in The Key to the Mystery (Paris, 1939), p. 15, exclusive English translation by Adrien Arcand Books


World War 1 (1914) and the Russian revolution (1917) were pre-planned. : "The triumphant comeback of the Jews will take place after the overthrow of Gog (Russia). We can expect considerable changes from the Great War which is coming."

British Israel Truth by Denis Hanan and Herbert Aldersmith, 1906, pp. 11-12.






banksters and World War 1







The Rothschilds and World War One







The conspiracy to sink the Lusitania to bring America into the war:











the unknown blackmail of President Wilson


Jews Blackmailed Wilson Into World War 1


World War 1 broke out in the summer of 1914. Within two years Germany had won the war.

The German submarines, which were a surprise to the world, had swept all the British convoys from the Atlantic Ocean and leaving Britain without ammunition and food for her soldiers.


At that time the French army had mutinied. They lost 600,000 of the flower of French youth in the defense of Verdun on the Somme. The Russian army was defecting. And the Italian army had collapsed.


Not a shot had been fired on German soil yet Germany was offering England peace terms. They offered England a negotiated peace on what the lawyers call a status quo ante basis which means: “Let’s call the war off and let everything be as it was before the war started.”


England, in the summer of 1916, was considering Germany’s peace terms. They had no choice. It was either accepting this negotiated peace that Germany was offering them or going on with the war and being totally defeated.


While that was going on, the Zionists in Germany, led by the Jew, Chaim Weitzman, who later became the 1st President of Israel, went to the British War Cabinet and said: “Don’t capitulate to Germany. You can win this war if the United States comes in as your ally. We can arrange this. But in return, you must promise us Palestine once the tide turns in your favor.”


The Zionist Jew Chaim Weitzman was a Russian born chemist who moved to England in 1904. By 1915, Weitzman had developed a chemical process of producing acetone from maize. Acetone was a vital ingredient in production of artillery shells which Britain and her allies had a short supply of in the beginning of World War I.

It was during this period that Weitzman, through the mediation of Walter Rothschild, met Sir Arthur James Balfour, the First Lord of the Admiralty, and David Lloyd George, Britain’s Minister of Munitions.


Both of these political figures were under the influence of the Rothschild banking dynasty, of which the Zionist Jew, Walter Rothschild, was the head. It did not hurt Weitzman’s goals when in 1916 Lloyd George became the British Prime Minister and Arthur Balfour the Foreign Secretary.


It was through this connection that the Balfour Declaration granted “a Jewish homeland within Palestine.” The Balfour Declaration was officially written to Walter Rothschild in 1919. The Balfour Declaration was merely Great Britain’s promise to pay the Zionists what they had agreed upon for getting the United States into the war.


During this time period in America, President Woodrow Wilson was campaigning for his re-election in 1916 on his popular campaign slogan, “He Kept Us out of War.” But on April 2, 1917, President Wilson addressed both houses of Congress and pleaded with them to declare war against Germany. What made Wilson change his mind?


Shortly before President Wilson’s re-election, he received a Jewish visitor in the White House by the name of Samuel Untermeyer . The Jew Untermeyer was a prominent New York City attorney of the Law Firm, Guggenheim, Untermeyer, & Marshall.


Editor’s note: Typical for the Judaized Wikipedia, the entry on Untermeyer discusses his gardening, but doesn’t mention that he was the first to declare World War 2 in 1933 (!!!) as a “holy war” of World Jewry against Germany. Neither does Wikipedia mention that Untermeyer (along with Bernard Baruch) was behind the Scofield Concordance that afflicted the world with the scourge of “Christian” Zionism. Wikipedia offers a one-liner mentioning Untermeyer's occultism, albeit claiming “corroborating evidence remains nebulous.” Expectedly, the evidence of Untermeyer’s ritual satanism is not at all nebulous and explains the role of Untermeyer as Satan’s warmonger. As a Rothschild agent, Untermeyer blackmailed President Woodrow Wilson for  a sexual affair to force his support of the Rothschild’s “Federal” Reserve Bank and the USA’s entry into World War 1—a blood sacrifice to Satan of 35 million Gentiles killed—and World War 2—an even greater blood sacrifice of 60 to 80 million Gentiles. What other Jew can lay claim for so many dead Gentiles?



The Firm had as one of its main clients, Kuhn Loeb Bank, of which Jacob Schiff, an agent of Walter Rothschild, was the head. Both Untermeyer and Schiff contributed generously to the National Democratic Committee that installed President Wilson in the White House in both of his elections.


Untermeyer informed President Wilson that he had been retained to bring a Breach of Promise action against President Wilson. Untermeyer’s client was the former wife of a professor at Princeton University at the same time that Wilson was a professor at Princeton University. Untermeyer informed Wilson that his client was willing to accept $40,000 in lieu of commencing the Breach of Promise action.


Untermeyer produced a packet of letters from his pocket written by President Wilson to his colleague’s wife when they were neighbors at Princeton University. These letters established the fact that an illicit relationship had existed between Wilson and the wife of his Princeton colleague. Wilson immediately acknowledged his authorship of the letters. Untermeyer then informed Wilson that his former sweetheart was in dire need of $40,000.


President Wilson informed Untermeyer that he did not have the $40,000 to pay his blackmailer. Untermeyer then volunteered to give Wilson’s former sweetheart the $40,000 out of his own pocket – but on one condition: that President Wilson promise to appoint to the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, the Zionist and Talmudic Jew, Louis Dembitz Brandeis.


Without further talk, President Wilson accepted Mr. Untermeyer’s generous offer. Then on June 5 1916, nearly one year before Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany, Wilson appointed the Zionist Jew, Louis Brandeis, to the Supreme Court.


Many were surprised that Wilson, the son of a Christian minister, would appoint to the highest court in the land the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice in US history.President Wilson and Justice Brandeis became unusually intimate friends. Brandeis knew the circumstances behind his appointment by President Wilson and Wilson feared him because of it.

Justice Brandeis, through the advice of his Zionist colleague, Rabbi Stephen Wise, volunteered his opinion to President Wilson that the sinking of the S.S. Sussex by a German submarine in the English channel with the loss of lives of US citizens justified a US Declaration of War against Germany.


Relying to a great extent upon the legal opinion of Justice Brandeis, (as well as fear of what Brandeis knew of Wilson’s illicit affair), President Wilson appealed to Congress to declare war against Germany.


This Congress did, on April 6, 1917. The Declaration of War against Germany by the United States guaranteed the Jews throughout the world that Palestine would be turned over to them upon the defeat of Germany even though Britain had already promised it to Trans-Jordan upon the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.


Indeed, Congress declared war against Germany because of Wilson’s assertion that Germany had sunk the S.S. Sussex and that US citizens aboard had perished with the ship. But after General Pershing’s troops were fighting in Europe, the hoax was exposed. The S.S. Sussex had not been sunk and no citizens of the US had lost their lives.


But now the United States was officially at war in Europe. In this war, 115,516 American soldiers were killed and 202,002 were maimed for life.


That is what the Anti-Christian Jews of the world conspired to achieve in their crooked diplomatic underworld.





Image sources: Wolffsohn https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/document/mideast/ironwall/02-ruszion.htm#f42

Izvolsky https://archive.ph/IalO7#selection-2155.486-2155.580



The infamous Zionist manipulator Bernard Baruch admitted he was the most powerful man in WW1







Kaiser Wilhelm II’s complicity


We know the Jews forced the World War.  Was Kaiser Wilhelm II a victim? …or was he complicit?


Wilhelm II and the Jews:


“Prior to his abdication he had among his personal friends such German Jews as Walter Rathenau, Albert Ballin and Maximllian Harden. He received Dr. Theodor Herzl in 1898 for a full hour during which he expressed himself as convinced that the Jews would embark on colonization of Palestine if they knew that he would take them under his protection. Dr. Herzl, at that audience, asked the Emperor to intervene with the Sultan of Turkey for a Jewish Palestine as a Chartered Company, under German protection. Kaiser Wilhelm visited Palestine during the same year and met Dr. Herzl at the Jewish settlement, Mikveh Israel. “Your movement is based on a sound idea,” the Kaiser told Dr. Herzl when receiving him as head of a Jewish delegation in Palestine on Nov. 2, the exact date on which the Balfour Declaration was issued nineteen years later.”

paras 3 & 4 (The statement that Kaiser Wilhelm II was anti-Jewish fits the narratives of the crypto-Jews Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin, so is not credible at face value)



Kaiser Wilhelm II's father:


“In 1857 the lodge celebrates its 100th anniversary of the foundation. According to the records, the celebrations take place in a very dignified atmosphere. In addition to the Erlangen brothers, a number of high-ranking personalities from other lodges are present, for example from Nuremberg, Fürth, Bremen, Stuttgart, Coburg, as well as an envoy from Prince Wilhelm of Prussia.”

18th para

Ex-kaiser Dead at 82, Turned Anti-semitic After Germany’s Defeat

Daily Briefing, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), June 5, 1941




“All the Prussian Kings since Frederic the Great (1712-1786), stood at the Head of freemasonry.”

King Wilhelm II and the Freemasons

The Freemason, October 27, 1888

p. 619, middle column, ¶ 5



It is deducible that Wilhelm II was in on it, by the fact that it was all so pre-planned. Else they would have removed him earlier.


Cartoon of Lenin in the satirical journal, Pugach. “Lenin reading his own

newspaper. The truth - not to be found in Pravda - is that I got two million from

Wilhelm! But even that's not the whole truth. If they knew, I'd hang.” (April, 1917)










Jewish communist expansion post-World War 1 outside of Russia - “After World War 1, more and more Ashkenazi Jews came to Kyrgyzstan [central asia]. Among them were many representatives of different political parties who were exiled to central Asia, or government officials who were asked to work in rural areas such as Kyrgyzstan. With the break of the Community revolution, many political activists were sent to Kyrgyzstan to promote the communist ideas − many of whom were Jews or of Jewish origin”

Jews and Central Asia



1919 Jewish Communists Take over Bavaria






Treaty of Versailles



Benjamin H. Freedman, a convert to Roman Catholicism (October 4, 1890-May 1984):



By way of introduction, Mr. Freedman’s bonae fides include the usual ritual epithets from the usual suspects:


Freedman opposed the nomination of Anna M. Rosenberg to be United States Assistant Secretary of Defense in 1950.[26] An article in the ADL Bulletin titled The Plot Against Ann Rosenberg attributed the attacks on Rosenberg's loyalty to "professional anti-Semites and lunatic nationalists", including the "Jew-baiting cabal of John Rankin, Benjamin Freedman, and Gerald Smith".[6]


Freedman, an apostate Jew, was well known to the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee as an active supporter of the Arab cause in the Middle East. (fn 33) In the course of his erratic and often contradictory testimony before the Senate committee, Freedman revealed the roles played by anti-Semitic agitators and right-wing anticommunists — including Gerald L. K. Smith, Conde McGinley, the "Reverend" Wesley Swift, Congressman John Rankin, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and J. B. Matthews — in the campaign against the Rosenberg appointment. (fn 34)[6]


[6] Stuart Svonkin, Jews Against Prejudice, p. 120.

[26]Services, United States Congress Senate Committee on Armed (1950). Nomination of Anna M. Rosenberg to be Assistant Secretary of Defense: Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session, on the Nomination of Anna M. Rosenberg, of New York, to be Assistant Secretary of Defense, a Position to which She was Appointed During the Last Recess of the Senate. November 29, 1950. U.S. Government Printing Office.

entry for Benjamin H. Freedman, Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_H._Freedman


A more laudatory introduction:


Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing andamazing individuals of the 20th century. Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the

United States. Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider atthe highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain powerover our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times.


This speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley's patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman's essential message to us -- his warning to the West -- is more urgent than ever before.



Mr. Freedman’s FBI files, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act:


Washington DC Headquarters file

New York City office file Part 1 and Part 2



“When the Germans went to the Paris peace conference in 1919, there were 117 Jews there & the representative of the delegation of the Jews was Bernard Baruch, I was there, I ought to know…”


That testimony was made in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC.


Benjamin H. Freedman: Anti-Zionist Jew & Whistle-Blower (1961)




transcript: https://docplayer.net/31402184-Transcript-speech-of-benjamin-h-freedman-willard-hotel-washington-d-c-1961.html


The Secret Masonic Victory of World War 2






The Chofetz Chaim, WWIII, Moshiach and Redemption


Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian wrote:1


“While in London I heard from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the War of Gog and Magog will be threefold.2 After the First World War, the Chofetz Chaim said that it was the first battle of Gog and Magog and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be the third war…”


True to the Chofetz Chaim’s prediction, WWII began in 1939, exactly 25 years after the start of WW1!


How did his prediction materialize so accurately? The Gemara 3 states, “The Tzadik decrees and Hashem fulfills.” In addition, Dovid HaMelech says, “He will do the will of those who fear Him.”4









The results of WW1:


  • Huge step forward to the bringing in of Moshiach
  • Stage set for next already-planned world war
  • The youth of all the Christian nations are dead and maimed
  • The Christian nations are in huge debt to Jewish bankers
  • The Monarchies of Germany, Austria, and Russia were destroyed
  • Lord Balfour gives Palestine to the Jews




The Blessed Emperor and the

Tragic Fall of A Catholic Dynasty:

Why Nobody Should Be Celebrating

the End of World War I

by Dr. Peter E. Chojnowski

November 11, 2018







 Douglas Reed quotes Lenin:


“WW1 will see the establishment of Communism in Russia; a second world war will extend its control over Europe, and a third world war will be necessary to make it worldwide.”


2nd paragraph













World War 2 is from the Jews


“The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt administration. Behind these groups, but of lesser importance, are a number of capitalists, anglophiles, and intellectuals, who believe that their future, and the future of mankind, depend upon the domination of the British Empire. Add to these the Communistic groups who were opposed to intervention until a few weeks ago, and I believe I have named the major war agitators in this country.” Charles Lindbergh, quoted in Cole, Wayne S., Charles A. Lindbergh and the Battle against American Intervention in World War II, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1974, pp. 153, 159-161





The Judean-German War





The Maisky Diaries





Franklin D. Roosevelt was a crypto-Jew



Hitler and the Talmudic, Kabbalistic creation of World War Two.

(Version 2.0)

pdf file here



in 7 sections:


1) Talmudic/Kabbalistic elements of World War 2

2) Hitler’s key role in the creation of Israel

3) Jews created & controlled World War 2

4) Jewish Nazis

5) Other Jewish connections with Hitler

6) Hitler was Anti-Christian

7) Is The Swastika a Stylized Hebrew Letter Aleph?





more on the Kabbalist/Talmudic creation of WW2


The start date of WW2 - the war to bring about the State of Israel in process to coming of Moshiach - began on the 1st September 1939 or the 18th Elul - the birthdays of the founders of Hasidim and CHABAD (Top Jewish power):


“18th Elul is a most significant date on the Chassidic calendar. The founder of Chassidism, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, was born on this date, in 1698. Elul 18 is also the birthday — in 1745 — of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, who often referred to himself as the Baal Shem Tov’s ‘spiritual grandson.’ Rabbi Schneur Zalman established CHABAD.”



If you scroll down on the below Jewish calendar, you will see the 18th Elul is the 2nd September, 1939, but the Jewish day begins when the first stars are seen in the sky, i.e., on the evening of the 1st September:



Jewish Calendar Dating - “When G‑d created time, He first created night and then day. Therefore, a Jewish calendar date begins with the night beforehand.” 1st paragraph:



More Jewish invented enemy of Nazis -


Hitler’s Eagle Nest*…


* also known as Berchtesgaden and Kehlsteinhaus


…was built to fulfill Abdias (Obadiah) 1:4, the destruction of EDOM for their pride - Germany specifically pinned down as Edom in the Talmud at Megillah 6b


Though thou be exalted as an eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars: thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord. …

For the slaughter, and for the iniquity against thy brother Jacob, confusion shall cover thee, and thou shalt perish for ever.

Abdias (Obadiah) 1:4, 10




"Eagle’s's Nest  was the 3rd Reich government building high in the Alps, commissioned by Martin Bormann."



Ex-CHABAD Ed Hodos was told that after WW2, Nazi Martin Bormann, was taken to New York by CHABAD & the stolen Nazi gold, became the guarantee of their financial power: https://booksonline.com.ua/view.php?book=137241&page=18


Bormann was also a Soviet agent




Germany was scripted as world aggressor in the two world wars to fulfill Talmud.


See also;




The rise of the NSDAP in eyewitness accounts:


“He believes that the time has come to bring disunity and fragmentation into our ranks on behalf of his dark backers, and thereby the business of Judaism” https://books.google.co.uk/books?redir_esc=y&id=oFIbA








The Rabbinate cast Hitler as the new Haman, to fulfill a prophesy from the Book of Esther • The 10 Leading Nazis equated to the 10 Sons of Haman



Note: There is a rabbinic myth that identifies Haman from the book of Esther as a descendant of Amalek and as we have already seen, Germany was pinned as Amalek since at least the 19th century.


After the Jews killed the 10 sons of Haman, Esther asks the king, “If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews, to do tomorrow also as this day and have the bodies of Haman’s 10 sons hanged in public display on the gallow’”.


Esther's request seems strange. The 10 sons of Haman already had been killed. Why did Esther request the king to hang them? Rabbinic commentaries in the Midrash state: “There is a tomorrow that is now, and a tomorrow which is later,” indicating a prophecy for the future. Esther unconsciously prophesied a time when the Jewish people would re-enact the hanging of Haman’s 10 Sons.


In listing the names of the 10 sons of Haman, Jewish tradition always has required that three letters in the name of Haman's sons be written in a smaller font - a tav (ת), a shin (ש), and a zayin (ז), which has the gematria numerical equivalent of 707 (shin = 300, tav (also taf) = 400, zayin = 7).


October 1946, when the 10 Nazi criminals were executed, was the Jewish year 5707, or in Hebrew, taf-shin-zayin, 707 - the exact same letters & numbers.


Furthermore, since the trial was conducted by a military tribunal, the sentence handed down should have been death by firing squad. However, the court specifically prescribed hanging, exactly as per Esther's request.


Also, the date of the execution, Oct. 16, fell on Hoshana Rabba, the end of Sukkot - the day when G-d's verdicts are sealed."

Did Purim heroine Esther prophesy about the Nazis?

by Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg




After the end of the “Second World War” carefully planned by the rabbinate, all the blame for it was dumped on the goyim with the help of the already well-known black magic rite of "kapparos" - See image below:




Adolph Hitler was compared today With Haman, the Persian minister of ancient times who plotted to massacre the Jews, in an article appearing in the Nazi paper Judenkenner. “Both Hitler and Haman are leaders with a profound knowledge of the Jews,” the Nazi paper says, adding that the Jews had better be careful about “the red flame of hatred against Hitler” because this flame may destroy them utterly.”

Nazi Paper Likens Hitler to Haman, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), 8th April, 1935



Jews liken Hitler to Haman: Purim Festival Today to Mark the Deliverance From Haman

New York Times, March 21, 1943, p. 21



Puppets of Mordechai and Hitler made by Nechama Mayer-Hirsch in 1951.“Hitler suggested he saw himself as Haman. In A speech, he said that if Nazi Germany did not prevail, ‘the devastating Jewish Ahasuerus could celebrate the destruction of Europe, in a 2nd Purim festival.’”

Hitler as Haman? Amsterdam museum holds relic of post-Holocaust Purim tradition

Doll made by Jewish girl in 1951 for holiday show is emblematic of tradition of fashioning villain after real-life oppressors that peaked in the postwar years

By Cnaan Lipshiz, Times of Israel, February 28, 2021



“If they (Jews) will not repent (Return to God)... “the Holy One, blessed be He, will set up a ruler over them, whose decrees shall be as cruel as Haman's, thus causing Israel to repent, and thereby bringing them back to the right path.’”

Mashiach ben Yossef













More to illustrate the black magic rite of "kapparos"









The image below illustrates how the rabbis claim that the Jews were set back on the right path by “The Holocaust™” • The rabbis insist that the sinful Jews perished as a lesson for all of Jewry.




Geopolitics is a Jewish script to hasten the arrival of their “moshiach” (“messiah”), the anti-Christ



“The truth [of the coming of Moshiach]  is found in the holy books of the Torah (Bible) and amidst the secrets of the kabbalists.”



The Holohoax and the creation of the state of Israel were staged by the Jews, to match the predictions of Rabbi Elijah Zalman (Vilna Gaon) in the 18th century.


“A general principle of the Vilna Gaon, teaches that numbers have significance in the order of verses in the Torah. For example, the word shalom is first mentioned in verse 376, counting from the beginning of the Torah: “You shall go to your fathers in peace [shalom] (Gen. 15:15), and the numerical value of this word is actually 376.


As for the third return to Zion, verse 5,700 reads, “So the Lord was incensed at that land and brought upon it all the curses recorded in this book” (Deut. 29:26). Indeed, the Hebrew year 5,700 (1940) marked the beginning of the Holocaust. The Vilna Gaon, divinely inspired, said that before Redemption comes there will be dreadful destruction in the Diaspora.


The Jerusalem Talmud tells us, “Even though your ancestors were redeemed, they became enslaved again; but once you shall be redeemed, you shall never again be enslaved” (Shevi`it 6.1), citing as proof the verse from Deuteronomy (30:5): “And the Lord your G-d will bring you to the land that your fathers possessed and you shall possess it.” This is the 5,708th verse of the Torah, and in the year 5,708 (1948) the state of Israel was established and the Law of Return enacted, of which law the Sages’ saying can be applied: “The day of ingathering of exiles is as great as the day heaven and earth were created.”


Final 3 paragraphs

The Vilna Gaon and his Vision of Redemption

by Rabbi Samuel Yaniv, Bar Ilan University




As you can see, Israel was created in 1948 to tally with the 5,708th verse of the Torah as mentioned earlier.


Two points about The Protocols


Before turning our attention to the controversial The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we make two strong points:

1. the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) objects strenuously to The Protocols as a forgery, but what is a forgery? A forgery is a perfect copy of a valuable original.


2. Even if The Protocols were not a perfect forgery, but a complete fraud, ask yourself: “How well do The Protocols track with history and current events?” Answer: Perfectly!


…[Like Henry Ford’s The International Jew] Another similar ‘prohibited’ item was the infamous Protocols which, as we all know, was “a Russian forgery” (it’s always ‘Russian’; doesn’t anyone else ever forge anything?), and which is “a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination”. It has been described as “probably the most influential work of antisemitism ever written”. Once again, not wanting to pollute my mind with rubbish, I avoided this text for decades. But when my research demanded knowledge of this document, I was surprised at what I found.


As near as I have been able to determine, this is the actual story of the Protocols: First, the document was not Russian, but French. A young man brought the Protocols document to a small bookstore in Paris, provided an overview of the contents, and offered it to the female proprietor. We know that she purchased the document, and that the young man’s body was found in a nearby lane the next morning. Apparently nothing further occurred, since there were no traces of what the young man had done with the document. After that, it seems the document remained in her possession for some time, perhaps several years (no firm evidence). Then, a Russian named Sergei Nilus, a religious writer, was browsing in the bookstore whereupon the woman acquainted Nilus with the document and offered it for sale. Nilus agreed to purchase it if the woman could provide him with a professional translation into Russian, which was done. Nilus took the document to Russia and had it published. This was in 1905. The ‘Protocols’ was originally included as the last chapter of Nilus’ then-new book ‘The Great within the Small and Antichrist, an Imminent Political Possibility, Notes of an Orthodox Believer,’ about the coming of the Antichrist. It was also published separately later.


Wikipedia of course does its best to trash the document as a forgery, but actually indirectly corroborates and essentially confirms the French origin: “It is likely that the document was actually written at this time in Russia, despite Nilus’ attempt to cover this up by inserting French-sounding words into his edition.” In fact, those ‘French-sounding words’ were almost certainly a residue from the original French text. That is typical for Wikipedia; If facts cannot be denied, they can always be twisted to suit the desired narrative.


Immediately upon its discovery, the Jewish Bolsheviks appear to have gone ballistic. The mere possession of the document was a capital offense. Reports were that anyone found with a copy would be executed on sight (a condition Wikipedia forgot to mention), and all copies were ordered collected and destroyed. It seems that few remained, although copies seem to have escaped to other countries in Europe. It was reprinted in Germany in 1922, and some copies made it to North America where they were translated into English. I have in my possession a copy of a report by the US military intelligence service who reviewed the document in light of world events at the time, and pronounced it genuine. Henry Ford did something similar. He didn’t precisely declare the Protocols document as genuine, but he did write this: “Is there likelihood of the program of the Protocols being carried through to success? The program is successful already. In many of its most important phases it is already a reality.” He said again, “These things are happening now.”


“We shall of course, absolutely control the press, so that not a single announcement will ever reach the public without our control. We have already practically reached this goal, since the news from the entire world flows through a few news agencies, where they are processed and only then sent on to the individual editorial boards, agencies, etc.” [Protocol 12]


The document is worth reading and you can find a copy of it here.[8]


 But I strongly urge you to also access the FBI copy[9] and peruse the initial section because it contains much commentary, including listing of other versions of the Jewish Protocols, including a primitive truncated version from 1489, versions from 1860 and 1869, and one from 1919 in Hebrew that was apparently found in the pocket of a dead Jewish soldier. It also contains correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover and documents the provision of the Protocols to the FBI and, in one portion, mentions the involved names of King Edward of England[10]


, Sir William Sassoon, Robert Lansing, Sir William Wiseman, Kuhn & Loeb, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldsmith, Ernest Cuneo[11] [12], and Jerome Frank. Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom George abdicated his throne, was a Jewess (real name Solomon). With the exception of King Edward, the others are all Jews.


Again, the main point is that we should not permit ourselves to be driven away by these desperate propagandistic attacks on an important historical work. Don’t listen to Jewish opinions of the Protocols. Take the time to read the document and decide for yourself the accuracy and importance of the contents. This is important because there are many such situations where we can be badly misled.…


[8] https://www.bluemoonofshanghai.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/protocols_of_zion.pdf

[9] https://vault.fbi.gov/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion-part-01-of-01/view

[10] https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/revealed-wallis-simpson-s-jewish-secret-1.26582

[11] https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKcuneo.htm

[12] https://www.nytimes.com/1988/03/05/obituaries/ernest-l-cuneo-82-owned-news-service.html


The Jewish Hasbara in All Its Glory. Lies, Lies Everywhere

by Larry Romanoff, Unz Review, May 15, 2022




See also: Protocols Forgery Argument Is Flawed

by Henry Makow PhD





This planning of events according to Jewish ‘theological’ prescription corresponds perfectly

with the Protocols of Zion.








14.1 “When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours of the One God with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the Chosen People and through whom our same destiny is united with the destinies of the world. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief.”






3.14-15 “Remember the French Revolution… it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since, we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so in the end they turn in favour of that KING-DESPOT OF THE BLOOD OF ZION, WHOM WE ARE PREPARING FOR THE WORLD.”


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion








The 3 world wars were planned by the Jews as progressive stages to bring in Moshiach, via communism.


The Talmud calls for three world wars.





Hence Talmudic Jew Lenin quoted by Douglas Reed:


“WW1 will see the establishment of Communism in Russia; a second world war will extend its control over Europe, and a third world war will be necessary to make it worldwide.”

2nd paragraph

The Controversy of Zion

by Douglas Reed, First Printing 1956,


download the entirety of this excellent book here


For the Jews, the death/sacrifice of goyim, is necessary for this process:






In Zohar (III,227b) the Good Pastor says:

“The only sacrifice required is that we remove the unclean from amongst us.”


The Talmud Unmasked • The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians

by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis (Roman Catholic Priest)


St. Petersburg, April 13, 1892


Archbishop Metropolitan of Moghileff





A Russian commentator disputes the exculpation of Stalin and Hitler as “obedient lackeys of the Rabbinate, who followed the instructions to organize a total pogrom of Christian Europe and the destruction of the Teutonic and Slavic race, to lay the foundation for the future Jewish kingdom of Antichrist.”



As noted above, Jewish doctrine  says killing non-Jews accelerates the coming of Moshiach (Antichrist).


Hitler successfully fulfilled his main role: He drove crowds of European Jews into Palestinian kibbutzim, scared the Jewish hive mind for generations to come, thereby keeping a firm element of separation/isolation between Jew and gentile. The crown of this operation was the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. The main Holocaust of the Second World War was the extermination of more than 30 million Slavs.






Konstantin Nikolaevich Chernyaev, a Soviet WW2 veteran, testified how Soviet weapons were sabotaged by the Jews controlling Russia, so they would lose the first stages of Operation Barbarossa (Generalplan Ost). A few months later, KGB drove over him and stabbed him in the face.



Nazi Generalplan Ost was a sham to justify Soviet ‘liberation’ in cover to impose communism on Eastern Europe.



Left: Generalplan Ost • Right: ‘liberated’ Eastern Bloc


“It was only these three movements – Communism, Zionism, and World Government, that profited from the suffering and destruction of the Second World War. The Western Powers helped the World Revolution to entrench itself deep in Europe.”

The Controversy of Zion

by Douglas Reed, First Printing 1956,


download the entirety of this excellent book here



Hitler's strategic mistakes between 1941 and 1942 in Russia were made on purpose.


“As we have already seen it, Hitler was just a lieutenant of Jewish leaders (as Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, Blum, Mussolini, Franco, etc…). His main role was to allow the creation of Israel and to push ordinary Jews to emigrate there. Once his work was accomplished, he wouldn't be needed anymore. So, his role as Nazi leader was meant to last only a limited period of time. It means he had to succeed at the beginning, and then to start losing. As all the sides were under control, the entire war was staged (by Jewish leaders).


Regarding the Russian campaign, Hitler's army was supposed to be vastly superior and to have great successes at the beginning, and very soon after, to stop winning. As the result couldn't be left to chance, Hitler the Jewish agent (and his generals) had to make voluntary mistakes in order to lose at the end.”




Hence; Operation Barbarossa eventually fails and Hitler lets Soviet's win Operation Bagration, so as to impose communism on Eastern Europe in cover of ‘liberation.’


"The commander of the German 9th Army, General Jordan could scarcely believe the order he had been given."




World War 2 is being fought for Judaism




“We are fighting today for security, for progress and for peace, not only for ourselves, but for all men, not only for one generation but for all generations. We are fighting to cleanse the world of ancient evils, ancient ills.

Our enemies are guided by brutal cynicism, by unholy contempt for the human race. We are inspired by a faith which goes back through all the years to the first chapter of the Book of Genesis: ‘God created man in His own image.’”

— Address of the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, delivered before a joint session of the two Houses of Congress,

January 6, 1942.  https://archive.md/o/xXedx/www.ibiblio.org/pha/7-2-188/188-35.html



“All sincere Jews admit that Judaism is a beautiful religion.

Those who go deeper into the study of Judaism will readily state that it is not only a beautiful but also a necessary religion.

The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

— Rabbi Dr. Samuel Felix Mendelsohn




The Sentinel (The American Jewish Weekly, Chicago), Vol. 128—No. 2, October 8, 1942, p.9.



Churchill • critic of Judeo-Communism turns fanboy





Churchill and the Jews





Churchill's critique of Judeo-Communism is fairly well-known. Less known is his conversion.


Churchill, International Jews and the Holocaust: A Revisionist Analysis

by Paul Grubach, CODOH, April 1, 2011



Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People

by the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, (London), February 8, 1920, pg. 5




Churchill Bolshevism posters





The above images are taken from the Polish military history website dobroni.pl (do broni = to arms), although no actual details about these posters are given, other sites suggest they were produced in Warsaw during 1944. In the poster on the right, Churchill is portrayed with his eyes and ears covered by a budenovka, part of the Red Army soldier's uniform during the Russian civil war.

The posters nicely illustrate Churchill's conversion from arch-enemy of Bolshevism; active supporter of the Russian White Army during the civil war; "If I had been properly supported in 1919, I think we might have strangled Bolshvism in its cradle,"* to friend and admirer of Stalin and his murderous regime.


* Churchill said this at a large press conference in Washington on June 28, 1954. Quoted in 'Churchill Advises Coolness To Prevent a Ruinous War' The New York Times, June 29, 1954 amongst others.



“The essence of Bolshevism, as opposed to many other forms of visionary political thought, is that it can only be propagated and maintained by violence. ... Power must be seized by force, force must be prepared in secret, power when gained must be exercised at the pleasure of those who have seized it, and they must exercise it in accordance with their theories undisturbed by the wishes, weaknesses, prejudices, or human sympathies of the prostrate masses subjected to their rule.”

- Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, January 25, 1920, p.5.



“The foundations of world peace are strengthening among all the civilised countries of the world. That is my firm belief, but there is one country that is outside the scope of these considerations, and that is Russia. Russia is incalculable, aloof and malevolent. I want to call attention to this aspect of the question. The importation of the war metals —antimony, tungsten nickel and vanadium—there are others—which are used for the purposes of hardening steel or for other instruments of war—into Germany in 1914, exceeded five times the average for the three or four years which preceded. That is a very remarkable fact. I do not say it for a moment to suggest that the German Government were planning the War. What they were doing was putting themselves in a position of special preparation. Exactly the same phenomenon, according to my information, is repeating itself to-day in regard to Russia.” - Winston Churchill, House of Commons, June 29, 1931.



“In Russia we have a vast, dumb people dwelling under the discipline of a conscripted army in war-time ; a people suffering in years of peace the rigours and privations of the worst campaigns ; a people ruled by terror, fanaticisms, and the Secret Police. Here we have a state whose subjects are so happy, that they have to be forbidden to quit its bounds under the direst penalties ; whose diplomatists and agents sent on foreign missions, have often to leave their wives and children at home as hostages to ensure their eventual return. Here we have a system whose social achievements crowd five or six persons in a single room ; whose wages hardly compare in purchasing power with the British dole ; where life is unsafe ; where liberty is unknown ; where grace and culture are dying ; and where armaments and preparations for war are rife. Here is a land where God is blasphemed, and man, plunged in this world's misery, is denied the hope of mercy on both sides of the grave — his soul in the striking, protesting phrase of Robespierre, 'no more than a genial breeze dying away at the mouth of the tomb!' Here we have a power actively and ceaselessly engaged in trying to overturn existing civilizations by stealth, by propaganda, and when it dares, by bloody force. Here we have a state, three millions of whose citizens are languishing in foreign exile, whose intelligentsia have been methodically destroyed ; a state nearly half-a-million of whose citizens, reduced to servitude for their political opinions, are rotting and freezing through the Arctic night ; toiling to death in forests, mines and quarries, many for no more than indulging in that freedom of thought which has gradually raised man above the beast.

Decent, good-hearted British men and women ought not to be so airily detached from realities, that they have no word of honest indignation for such wantonly, callously-inflicted pain.”

- Winston Churchill, ‘Personalities’: No. 4. Lady Astor and G. Bernard Shaw, Sunday Pictorial, August 16, 1931.


“Here I wish to say how glad we all are to know and feel that Generalissimo Stalin is still strongly holding the helm and steering his tremendous ship. Personally, I cannot feel anything but the most lively admiration for this truly great man, the father of his country, the ruler of its destinies in times of peace, and the victorious defender of its life in time of war.”

- Winston Churchill, House of Commons, November 7, 1945.



“I pursue only one object, namely, the destruction of the Bolsheviks tyrannies.”

- Winston Churchill, telegram, December 11, 1919.



“I have only one purpose, the destruction of Hitler.”

- Winston Churchill, Chequers, June 21, 1941.






Hitler and his Jews



Adolf Hitler, founder of Israel - The Haavara Agreement (secret negotiations between Nazis and Zionist Jews) allowed German Jews and their assets to be moved to Palestine. They played a LEADING ROLE in the development of Palestine, making it a more advanced and progressive country.




Adolf Hitler Founded Israel




Hence; “Zionists safely brought 50,000 Jews out of Germany to Palestine with assets worth more than 100,000,000 RM.”



Further, the more Jews being moved into Palestine the better.


Jewish Historian: “The Israelites wanted to create a Jewish democratic state, in other words, they wanted to come to the first elections in Israel with the assurance that there is a Jewish majority so that the democracy would be Jewish”







The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany 1933-1941

by Klaus Polkhen,  journalist in the German Democratic Republic [Communist East Germany], author of several articles on the Palestine problem

“Jon and David Kimchc confirm the fact that Hitler, "with unambiguous determination, ordered the promotion of mass immigration to Palestine," and that Hitler laid down the fundamental decision that the "Jewish emigration should be further promoted by all available means. There can thus be no question about the Fuhrer's opinion that such emigration should be above all channeled towards Palestine. Finally, even Winfried Martini confirms the pro-Zionist position of leading fascist circles during the Arab revolt of 1936-39. He writes that as a correspondent of the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung in Palestine, his reports about the revolt "were rather clearly favourable to the Jewish side," and that this did not draw any objections from any Nazi officials.”

p. 69


Official SS newspaper (Das Schwarze Korps) 1935:

“The time may not be far distant when Palestine once again receives the sons whom it lost a thousand years ago. Our wishes along with the good will of the state accompany them.”

p. 70

Journal of Palestine Studies pp 54-82.

Vol. 5, No. 3/4 (Spring - Summer, 1976), pp. 54-82

Published By: University of California Press




download here


‘Moral’ justification for the Jews stealing the land of Arabs. In other words, Hitler's ‘holocaust’ & ‘antisemitism’ was used as an excuse for the birth of Israel.


Chaim Weizmann said in August 1, 1945, in the World Zionist Conference in London:

“The leader of the world Zionist movement also appealed to the United Nations, particularly to the United States and the USSR. “to give their approval and support to the righting of an ancient wrong” and to secure for the Jewish people their place in the family of nations.”



original JTA Daily Bulletin, August 2, 1945





Here Weizmann is saying that the suffering of the Holocaust must be met with the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Hence:


The Jewish creation of the Nazis was to terrorize Jews to move to Israel & creation of Holohoax, to produce global emotional support for an independent Israeli state. This event was also necessary so the Jews could create Israel on time for their Kabbalist 'Prophecy' (I am going to make separate posts on the Kabbalist fingerprints around WW2 and will prove this. My focus here is the justification aspect of WW2.)



Ten Myths About Israel by historian Ilan Pappe pg 40.













J. G. Burg: Der Sündenbock

The jew Joseph Ginzburg a.k.a. J. G. Burg wrote about the so-called holocaust

and how it never happened. He was there.


He questioned jewish witnesses from the camps. None of them had ever heard of any ‘gassings.’

download in German: http://historicalrevisionism.com/j-g-burg-der-sundenbock-free-pdf-download/



Hitler and his cooperation with Chinese Jews and crypto-Jews


Necessary background, the Jewish roots of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, the “nationalists,” and their army, the Kuomintang, is here: https://judaism.is/perpetrators.html#kmt


A surprise to many,  before Hitler ‘allied’ himself with Japan (their alliance was very minimal at best and at worst a total scam) cooperated with China.


The cooperation between China and Germany started in 1926 but did not however stop when Hitler came to power.



Hitler sent German military advisors to China, established further trade with China, and helped to build up their military force. The party Germany was aiding was the Kuomintang (KMT), who in the thread below I exposed as a Leninist party supported by the Soviet Union which later disguised itself as 'Anti-communist' but was nothing more than controlled opposition that had the role of rolling out the carpet for the CCP to take over China.

Germany helped the KMT to train their army, carry out military education, and helped to modernize the Chinese army which in turn was a huge assistance to the Chinese resistance against Japan. Germany also helped to industrialized China.



H. H. Kung and Adolph Hitler in Berlin


Kung Hsiang-hsi (Chinese: 孔祥熙; pinyin: Kǒng Xiángxī; Wade–Giles: K'ung Hsiang-hsi; 11 September 1881 – 16 August 1967), often known as Dr. H. H. Kung, was a Chinese banker and politician in the early 20th century. He married Soong Ai-ling, the eldest of the three Soong sisters; the other two married President Sun Yat-sen and the latter President Chiang Kai-shek. Together with his brother-in-law, Soong Tse-ven, he was highly influential in determining the economic policies of the Kuomintang-led Nationalist government of the Republic of China in the 1930s and 1940s.



See also: Sino-German cooperation (1926–1941) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-German_cooperation_(1926%E2%80%931941)



German aid to industrialization of China


Chinese Minister Chiang Tso-pin and entourage visiting a German factory, 1928

In 1936, China had only about 10,000 miles (16,000 km) of railways, much less than the 100,000 miles (160,000 km) that Sun Yat-sen had envisioned. In addition, half of these were in Japanese-controlled Manchuria. The slow progress of modernising China's transport was caused by conflicting foreign interests. Chinese external credits needed approval from British, French, American, and Japanese banks as stated in the 1920 New Four-Power Consortium. In addition, other foreign countries were hesitant to provide funding because of the Great Depression.


However, a series of Sino-German agreements in 1934–1936 greatly accelerated railway construction in China. Major railways were built between Nanchang, Zhejiang, and Guizhou. The rapid developments could occur because Germany needed efficient transportation to export raw materials, and the railway lines served the Chinese government's need to build an industrial centre south of the Yangtze. In addition, the railways served important military purposes. For example, after the Hangzhou-Guiyang railway was built, military transport could pass through the Yangtze Delta Valley, even after Shanghai and Nanking were lost. Similarly, the Guangzhou-Hankou railway provided transport between the eastern coast and the Wuhan area and would later prove its worth in the early stages of the Second Sino-Japanese War.


The most important industrial project from the Sino-German co-operation was the 1936 Three-Year Plan, which was administered by the Chinese government's National Resources Commission and the Hapro corporation. Its purposes were to create an industrial powerhouse that could resist Japan in the short run and create a centre for future Chinese industrial development for the long run. It had several basic components, such as the monopolisation of all operations of tungsten and antimony; the construction of the central steel and machine works in Hubei, Hunan, and Sichuan; and the development of power plants and chemical factories. Cost overrun for the projects was partly assuaged by the fact that the price of tungsten had more than doubled between 1932 and 1936.[28] Germany also extended a 100 million Reichsmark line of credit to the Kuomintang. The Three-Year Plan introduced a class of highly educated technocrats to run the state-owned projects. At the height of the programme, trade with Germany accounted for 17% of China's foreign trade and China was the third largest trading partner with Germany. The Three-Year Plan had many promises, but many of its intended benefits would be undermined by the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War.[29]


German aid to modernization of Chinese military


This Heinkel He 111 A, one of 11 bought by the Aviation Ministry, later found its way to the China National Aviation Corporation.




Alexander Von Falkenhausen



General der Infanterie Alexander Ernst Alfred Hermann Freiherr von Falkenhausen (29 October 1878 – 31 July 1966)


Von Falkenhausen was German general who became a military advisor to Chiang Kai-shek. He was responsible for most of the military training of Chiang’s Chinese army, training around 80,000 Chinese soldiers that later formed the elite of Chiang's army. Falkenhausen advised Chiang on how to fight the Japanese. Falkenhausen became good friends with Chiang. For example, when Germany forced Falkenhausen to return to Germany when Germany started their alliance with Japan. He had a goodbye dinner party with Chiang and his family and promised he would reveal any battle plans he had devised to the Japanese which if he did, would have helped the Japanese immensely in their war effort against China.


According to some sources, Falkenhausen kept in contact with Chiang and occasionally sent European luxury items and food to him, the Chiang household, and his officers. Chiang had also sent Falkenhausen a birthday gift of 12,000 US dollars cheque with a personal note declaring him a 'Friend of China' on his 72nd birthday.



Alexander von Falkenhausen was responsible for most of the military training. Von Seeckt's original plans called for a drastic reduction of the military to 60 elite divisions, which would be modeled on the Wehrmacht, but the factions that would be axed remained an open question. As a whole, the officer corps trained by the Whampoa Academy until 1927 had been only marginally better in quality than the warlord armies, but remained loyal to Chiang.[30] Nonetheless, some 80,000 Chinese troops, in eight divisions, were trained and formed the elite of Chiang's army. However, China was not ready to face Japan on equal terms, and Chiang's decision to pit all of his new divisions in the Battle of Shanghai, which Japan won, despite objections from his staff officers and von Falkenhausen, would cost him a third of his best troops. Chiang switched his strategy to preserve strength for the eventual Chinese Civil War.


Von Falkenhausen recommended for Chiang to fight a war of attrition, as Falkenhausen calculated that Japan could not win a long-term war. He suggested for Chiang to should hold the Yellow River line and not to attack until later in the war. Also, Chiang should give up a number of provinces in northern China, including Shandong. Falkenhausen also recommended the construction of a number of fortifications at strategically important locations to slow a Japanese advance. Falkenhausen also advised the Chinese to establish a number of guerrilla operations behind Japanese lines.


Von Falkenhausen believed that it was too optimistic to expect the National Revolutionary Army (NRA) to be supported by armor and heavy artillery because the industry lacked the necessary capacity. Thus, he emphasized the creation of a mobile force that relied on small arms and would be adept with infiltration tactics, like those of the German stormtroopers around the end of World War I. German officers were called into China as military advisers, like Lieutenant Colonel Hermann Voigt-Ruscheweyh, who acted as adviser to the Artillery Firing School in Nanking from 1933 to 1938.[31]


German assistance in the military was not limited to personnel training and reorganisation but also included military hardware. According to von Seeckt, around 80% of China's output of weapons were below par or unsuitable for modern warfare. Therefore, projects were undertaken to modernise existing arsenals. For example, the Hanyang Arsenal was reconstructed in 1935 and 1936 to produce Maxim machine guns, various 82 mm trench mortars, and the Chiang Kai-shek rifle (based on the German Mauser Standardmodell and Karabiner 98k rifles). The Chiang Kai-shek and Hanyang 88 rifles remained as the predominant firearm used by Chinese armies throughout the war.[32] Another factory was established to produce gas masks, but plans for a mustard gas plant were eventually scrapped. In May 1938, several arsenals were built in Hunan to produce 20mm, 37 mm, and 75 mm artilleries. In late 1936, a plant was built near Nanking to manufacture binoculars and sniper rifle sights. Additional arsenals were built or upgraded to manufacture other weapons and ordnance, such as the MG-34, pack guns of different calibres, and even replacement parts for vehicles of the Leichter Panzerspähwagen. Several research institutes were also established under German auspices, such as the Ordnance and Arsenal Office and the Chemical Research Institute, under the direction from IG Farben. Many of those institutes were headed by Chinese engineers who had returned from Germany. In 1935 and 1936, China ordered a total of 315,000 of the M35 Stahlhelm and many Gewehr 88, 98 rifles and the C96 Broomhandle Mauser. China also imported other military hardware, such as a small number of Henschel, Junkers,[clarification needed] Heinkel[clarification needed] and Messerschmitt[clarification needed] aircraft, some of them to be assembled in China, and Rheinmetall and Krupp howitzers, anti-tank, and mountain guns, such as the PaK 37mm, as well as armoured fighting vehicles such as the Panzer I.[citation needed]


The modernization efforts proved to be useful in the war. Although the Japanese were able to capture the Nationalist capital at Nanking, the process took several months, with far larger losses than either side had anticipated. Despite the defeat, the fact that Chinese troops could challenge Japanese troops boosted Chinese morale. In addition, the cost of the campaign made the Japanese reluctant to go more deeply into the Chinese interior, allowing the Nationalist government to relocate China's political and industrial infrastructure into Sichuan.



Hans Von Seeckt


Generaloberst Johannes "Hans" Friedrich Leopold von Seeckt (22 April 1866 – 27 December 1936)


A prominent German military officer. He was sent to China in 1933 and became the military advisor to Chiang Kei-Shek and wanted to turn the National Revolutionary Army (NRA) like the army in Germany, an army consisting of high-quality professional soldiers. He suggested a trade agreement in which China would provide minerals for Germany and Germany in return would provide the Chinese with weaponry and industrial machinery needed to make China self-sufficient in producing such weapons. The crypto-Commie eventually appointed Seeckt to become his Chief Military Advisor and Deputy Chairman of the Military Affairs Council. It's important to point out that the Chinese officers trained by Seeckt would be important in China’s war against Japan.







Other key pieces of information • Hitler and the Jews


Hitler's Jewish cook and Jewish connections





This paper takes a brief look at two Jewish physicians who played memorable roles in the life of Adolf Hitler.


“The history of these two physicians who looked after the young man, Adolf Hitler, first in his teens and then as a corporal in his twenties, is of interest more because Hitler, the future Chancellor of Germany, was the most rabid of anti-Jewish leaders in the world. Nevertheless, he allowed both of his Jewish physicians to leave the Reich, whilst millions of others were murdered.”

Hitler’s Jewish Physicians

by George M. Weisz, M.D.,Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal, 2014;5(3):e0023. doi:10.5041/RMMJ.10157



download pdf file here

Stefanie Isak

Reportedly, as a teenager, Hitler took a fancy to a pretty girl called Stefanie Isak, whose surname has Jewish origins.

This article, without evidence, accuses Hitler of “stalking” her.

Hitler's Secret Jewish Girlfriend

By Andrew Roberts, UK Mail Online, September 8, 2006




“Perhaps most stunning of all, however, is Hamann's description of Hitler's numerous Jewish friends and business associates during his Vienna days, at least one of whom later appealed to him directly after the Anschluss, just as the good Dr Bloch had done. We will no longer be able to think of Hitler in Vienna without thinking of his Jewish friend, Josef Neumann, who sold his paintings, the Galician Jew Jakob Altenberg and the Hungarian Jew Samuel Morgenstern, both of them dealers who paid him a decent price, or of the Jahodas, the cultivated upper-middle-class Jewish couple whose company Hitler enjoyed on a few occasions.”

Herr Hitler before the hate set in

by Brendan Simms, Fellow in international relations, University of Cambridge, Times Higher Education, September 17, 1999





Jews understood that post-WW2 would be the start of their plan to start genociding white nations via open borders and so through Jewish political power in America, they made sure to have these diverse limitations/immigration laws in effect until after WW2 when they opened white borders. It also served as a method to make Jews immigrate to Palestine:


“The rise of anti-Semitism and Nazism: The increase in anti-Semitism in Europe led many Jews again to leave their countries. At the same time, the US Immigration Act of 1924 would greatly slow immigration from Europe by setting strict quotas per country. Diverse limitations on immigration were also implemented in Europe. This also explains in part Jewish migrants’ choice of Palestine.  From 1932 on, with the Nazi victory in Germany and the intensification of persecution in Austria and Czechoslovakia, Jewish immigration to Palestine increased dramatically. Between 1932 and 1939, Palestine absorbed 247,000 newcomers,[7] 46 percent of Jewish emigration from Europe. [8] In the European political context, this fifth aliya constituted a flight rather than a “Zionist choice.””


[7] Gresh, Alain and Dominique Vidal. Les 100 clés du Proche-Orient. Paris : Fayard, 2011, p.72.

[8] deVaumas, Étienne. 1954. Les trois périodes de l’émigration juive en Palestine. Annales de Géographie. Vol. 63, no. 335, p.71.

Jewish Immigration to Historical Palestine

Factsheet Series No. 181, created: November 2013, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East



…It was only after World War II that immigration law was drastically changed. In one of the first pieces of evidence of its political coming‑of‑age, the Jewish community had a leadership role in effecting those changes.”

Earl Raab, Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993, p. 17

numerous sources: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Earl+Raab%2C+Jewish+Bulletin%2C+July+23%2C+1993&t=brave&ia=web




“Holocaust” is an excuse to push multiculturalism:


The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction, and Domination

by Deanna Spingola




Reinhard Heydrich was a crypto-Jew




Heydrich: “The government finds itself in complete agreement with the great spiritual movement with Jewry itself, the so-called Zionism”





Is the swastika a stylized Hebrew letter Aleph?



“The letter Aleph (א) closely resembles a Swastika in shape and the Swastika can be viewed as a cryptic form of the Hebrew letter Aleph especially because we have confirmation the Communist Sickle is a cryptic form of the Hebrew letter Aleph.”

Soviet hammer and sickle a veil for Hebrew letter aleph

by Andy Sloan, Fitzpatrick Informer, September 8, 2021




“The letter Aleph closely resembles a Swastika in shape and the can easily be viewed as a cryptic form of the Hebrew letter Aleph [א]especially because we have confirmation the Communist Sickle is a cryptic form of the Hebrew letter Aleph. (https://fitzinfo.net/2021/09/08/soviet-hammer-and-sickle-a-veil-for-hebrew-letter-aleph/ ) Jews created both movements - it would make perfect sense that both were stylized/cryptic forms of the Hebrew letter Aleph.


‘As David Luhrssen tells the tale in his absorbing 2012 book, Hammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism, Hitler learned from Krohn that the leftward-facing swastika signified universal order and redemption from the cycle of rebirth in Buddhist usage. Krohn also cautioned him that the opposite movement, the rightward turn, spelled annihilation. The future Führer unhesitatingly ignored Krohn’s caveat and reversed the direction of his swastika. He also straightened the curved legs of the Thule symbol and set the symbol at a 45-degree angle.’ (https://scroll.in/article/769058/stop-the-outrage-india-doesnt-have-a-monopoly-on-the-symbol-used-to-protest-modis-uk-visit)”

Hitler & the Kabbalist Talmudic creation of WW2



This excellent article makes the full case for the Talmudic/Kabbalistic instigation of Nazism to serve the Jews’ universal goal of global domination and extermination of amalek/goyim.  The full 50-page article may be downloaded here


One may rightly observe that the swastika has been used since even pre-historic times and been used by cultures throughout the world, even by the Jews themselves and, as you can plainly see, the Jews associate aleph (א) with the swastika:




All that is true. Pre-historic, Asian, Amerind, and even Catholic cultures have used the swastika.


We also have the explicit testimony of prominent Nazis that they modeled Nazism on Judaism and we have a mountain of Jewish testimony, as adduced herein, that Hitler fulfilled a talmudic role. Certainly the aleph swastika symbolism is not a dispositive piece of smoking gun evidence in itself, but it fits with all the rest of the Nazi/Jewish before/after Rabbi Hess/Adolph Eichmann cohencidences. Too, the pattern is not limited to World War 2. That is why we do not separate WW I II III (no commas to separate those wars) on different pages. It is the similarity of the pattern that convicts Judaism/Kabbalism/Zionism. All those wars are a cohencidence, engineered by Satan’s worshipers.


In aggregate, the evidence convicts the Jews* of planning and implementing the extermination of amalek/goyim (You!) and subsequent global domination of any, if any, useful survivors

*See “synecdoche” in our Jewish lexicon.


Even poor Jews are not safe from their “machers” (“big shots”) who unhesitatingly sacrifice their co-religionists to serve their satanic plans, as they intentionally sacrificed thousands of Jews in World War 2.


“As David Luhrssen tells the tale in his absorbing 2012 book, Hammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism, Hitler learned from Krohn that the leftward-facing swastika signified universal order and redemption from the cycle of rebirth in Buddhist usage. Krohn also cautioned him that the opposite movement, the rightward turn, spelled annihilation. The future Führer unhesitatingly ignored Krohn’s caveat and reversed the direction of his swastika. He also straightened the curved legs of the Thule symbol and set the symbol at a 45-degree angle.”

12th paragraph

Stop the outrage: India doesn’t have a monopoly on the symbol used to protest Modi’s UK visit

The image used by the Awaaz Network is unmistakably an evocation of the Nazi Hakenkreuz or ‘hooked cross’, which has very little to do with Hinduism as an everyday religious practice.

by Ranjit Hoskote, Scroll.In, November 15, 2015




“In fact the BIS was so entwined with the Nazi economy that it helped keep the Third Reich in business. It carried out foreign exchange deals for the Reichsbank; it accepted looted Nazi gold; it recognised the puppet regimes installed in occupied countries, which, together with the Third Reich, soon controlled the majority of the bank’s shares. …Declassified documents in the American intelligence archives reveal an even more disturbing story. Under an intelligence operation known as the “Harvard Plan”, McKittrick was in contact with Nazi industrialists, working towards what the US documents, dated February 1945, describe as a “close cooperation between the Allied and German business world”. Thus while Allied soldiers were fighting through Europe, McKittrick was cutting deals to keep the German economy strong. This was happening with what the US documents describe as “the full assistance” of the State Department.”

Never mind the Czech gold the Nazis stole...

The Bank for International Settlements actually financed Hitler’s war machine

by Adam Lebor, The Telegraph, July 31, 2013




On the Thule Society & Nazism


Dugin attests the root of Nazism is Jewish.


“…for example, the famous founder of the Bavarian lodge «Thule», preparing the birth of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, Baron von Sebottendorff, was initiated to Egyptian Masonry in Turkey by a married couple of Jews-Sabbatists.”

Sec 5, Jews Against Jews

excerpt from ‘The Jews and Eurasia’

by Alexander Dugin, Polyarni Israil (Polar Israel), February 6, 2000.

Previously published by Arktogaia. Translated from Russian by M Conserva.



“While the organisation was indeed secretive, and its modest membership did include several figures who went on to become leading Nazis, it was not an occult order. The founder of the group, who went by the invented aristocratic name of Rudolf von Sebottendorff (he was in fact the son of a train driver), had extensive occultist interests, but they seem to have been met with indifference from the rest of the members. This is not surprising, since the Thule Society was in reality a political organisation committed to Right-wing radicalism, not esoteric machinations. Aside from spreading antisemitic propaganda, its chief activities consisted of militant confrontations with the Left in the Munich area. Hitler had nothing to do with the group. The notion of the Thule Society as incubator of the Nazi party is a product of Sebottendorff’s megalomaniacal imagination; years after the organisation dissolved, he published a spurious memoir claiming that he played a crucial role in nurturing the early Nazi movement. There has never been any evidence for such claims.”

The Nazis as occult masters? It’s a good story but not history

by Peter Staudenmaier, edited by Sam Dresser, Aeon, undated



“It has been argued that some Thule members and their ideas were incorporated into the Third Reich.[24] Some of the Thule Society's teachings were expressed in the books of Alfred Rosenberg.”

[24] Angebert, Jean-Michel (1974). The Occult and the Third Reich: the mystical origins of Nazism and the search for the Holy Grail. Macmillan. ISBN 0-02-502150-8.




Nazi Freemasons


masonic handshakes


Masonic Handshakes

Masonic Handshakes are an important symbol used to determine the rank of members of Freemasonry



Secret Masonic Handshakes, Passwords, Grips And Signs Of Blue Lodge Masonry



“Boaz” • grip of an entered apprentice


The Grip of the Entered Apprentice is made by pressing the thumb against the top of the first knuckle joint of the fellow Mason, the fellow Mason also presses his thumb against the first Mason's knuckle.


“Shibboleth” • pass grip of a fellow craft


The hand is taken as in an ordinary hand shake, and the Mason presses the top of his thumb against the space between the first and second knuckle joints of the first two fingers of his fellow Mason; the fellow Mason also presses his thumb on the corresponding part of the first Mason's hand.




“Jachin” • real grip of a fellow craft


The Mason takes the fellow Mason by the right hand as in an ordinary hand shake, and presses the top of his thumb hard on the second knuckle, the fellow Mason presses his thumb against the same knuckle of the first Mason's hand.


“Tubalcain” • pass grip of a Master Mason


The Mason places his thumb on the space between the second and third knuckles of the fellow Mason's right hand, while the fellow Mason moves his thumb to the corresponding space on the first Masons hand. The thumb is pressed hard between the second and third knuckles of the hands.


“Ma-Ha-Bone” • real grip of a Master Mason


The Mason firmly grasps the right hand of a fellow Mason. The thumbs of both hands are interlaced. The first Mason presses the tops of his fingers against the wrist of the fellow Mason where it unites with the hand. The fellow Mason at the same time presses his fingers against the corresponding part of the the first Mason's hand and the fingers of each are somewhat apart. This grip is also called the Strong Grip of the Master Mason or the Lion's Paw. Instruction for this grip is given at the “graveside,” after the candidate has been “raised.”





Possible masonic handshakes


Left: Adolph Hitler with celebrated Afrika Korps Generalleutnant  Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel • Right: seal of the Afrika Korps




Adolf Hitler meets with Philippe Petain, leader of Vichy France in October 1940




Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himler Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS)



Adolph Hitler and SS Brigade leader Major General Hermann Priess

(awarded two Iron Crosses, 2nd Class & 1st Class both in 1939)



Adolph Hitler and SS-Brigadeführer Fritz WItt (more on WItt here)



March 15th, 1938. Federal Chancellor Arthur Seyss-Inquart greets Adolf Hitler at Heldenplatz.

15 марта 1938. Федеральный канцлер Артур Зейсс-Инкварт приветствует Адольфа Гитлера на площади Хельденплац.

from: Anschluss in 1938. Four days in March.

Аншлюс в 1938 году. Четыре дня в марте. https://photochronograph.ru/2020/12/24/anshljus-v-1938-godu-chetyre-dnja-v-marte/

More on the Seyss-Inquart “Anschluss” government here.




Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels and Romanian Ambassador Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen

(Comnen is seen here in another photo with Kemal Ataturk, the Jewish “Young Turk” architect of the Armenian genocide)



Granted, some might argue that the similarity of Hitler’s handshake [and the handshakes of the other pictured Nazis] to that of the Masons was merely accidental. Think whatever you like, it doesn't change the facts. These ARE Masonic handshakes. Whether they were performed deliberately, or not, is another question. They are clearly Masonic. Nor is it even remotely logical to assume that two "Elites" would accidentally, yet simultaneously execute a perfect textbook handshake - over and over and over again. This conclusion is illogical.


Others might want to argue that the pictures were photo shopped, or tampered with in some way. It's certainly possible. Even so, those who would maintain such a position are forced to answer for the amazing coincidence of Hitler's wartime actions playing perfectly into the plan of the Zionists. Indeed, thanks to Hitler, things could not have gone more perfectly for world "Jewry" following the war. First, we have the holocaust hoax, which resulted in a world-wide gag order upon anyone who criticizes "Jews", allowing them to act with virtual immunity in all of their undertakings. Next, we have the hundreds of billions of dollars paid to the “Jews” in reparation for the "persecution" they endured. And what about the creation of the State of Israel? Two-thousand years the Jews have been longing for a homeland. They finally got it, thanks to Hitler. What a coincidence. It's almost as if it was planned.


And that's the question, isn't it... "Was it all planned"? Or was it just an amazing coincidence? How did Hitler’s wartime actions coincide so perfectly with the plans of the Zionists? If He was a Freemason, then we have to admit that he was acting under the strict orders of its Jewish Puppetmasters. In other words, if Hitler was a Freemason, then everything he did was planned. Naturally, this would explain why his actions went so well for Zionism. On the other hand, if we maintain that it was all just an amazing coincidence, then we're forced to answer for Hitler's prewar agreement (1933) with the Zionist Federation of Germany to found a "Jewish" homeland in Palestine. Oops. That's right. Long before the war even started, Hitler signed a pact with German Zionists to aid them in founding a Jewish homeland in Palestine. It was called the Haavara Agreement - or more popularly, the Transfer Agreement. The existence of such an agreement is an historical fact. Hitler cooperated with the Zionists as early as 1933 in order to begin the transfer of German "Jews" to Palestine.


And so, those who maintain that Hitler's actions only accidentally fulfilled the plan of the Zionists, are left scratching their heads. He was clearly in cooperation with them. Again, it's an historical fact. There's no coincidence here. Nor is there any great mystery. Hitler's wartime actions perfectly coincided with the plans of Zionism. And so, we have to ask again: Was he acting under orders? Was it all planned? Or was it all just an amazing coincidence? Without a doubt, those who claim it was just a coincidence, are in blatant denial. I don't know what their reasons are. Nor do I care. They are committing what moralists refer to as a "sin against reason". Either they’re completely blind, or they are Freemasons themselves, whose job it is to deliberately misdirect the naïve sheeple away from the truth.


But whatever the case, the truth is what it is. Facts are facts, as they say. The photos of Hitler giving his fellow lodge members a Freemasonic handshake only serve to clarify those facts. He was a Freemason. What a surprise. That's why he cooperated with the Zionists. That’s why his wartime actions coincided so perfectly with their plans. That’s why Max Warburg, a well-known agent of the Rothschilds, sat on the board of Hitler’s Reichsbank. It’s why Hitler’s greatest financial contributors were Rothschild affiliates in Wall Street and Zionist bankers. It’s how, in less than a decade, Germany emerged from complete bankruptcy to create a war machine so massive that it threatened the stability of the world. It’s also why none of Hitler’s war manufacturing complexes (I.G. Farben plants) were touched by allied bombing during the war. What an amazing coincidence. And the list goes on and on.


Yes, Hitler was a Freemason. A willing pawn of the Jewish Puppetmasters. That’s why everything went as planned during the war. To argue otherwise is open denial of the facts. And so, in the end, he cannot be praised as anything but a psychopathic devil-worshiping mass murderer. That’s all he was. As such, he deserves nothing but the vilest condemnation, and to burn eternally in the molten infernals of Hell. And may his memory burn with him.


Adolph Hitler was a Freemason





Germans mocking the confessional



more mockery of Catholicism






The Jew Eichmann


1960's on, with the trial of Crypto-Jew Adolf Eichmann - a long-range operation, to cement the deception


> They staged an international show trial where Eichmann recants and confirms the evilness of Nazis. Then he very conveniently disappears.



In his book Bevor Hitler kam (“Before Hitler,” Geneva, 1975), the Jewish Professor of History Dietrich Bronder showed, which Jews financed Adolf Hitler, thus helping him to power. This explains why a large number of Jews were given Aryan documents. He also proves that most of the Nazi leaders were Jews or half-Jews [“mischling”], or were married to Jewish women. Bronder's book is banned in Germany. …


The Nazi leadership also included Jews with “the right documents,” among them the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler (shown to be Jewish by the Jewish writer Willi Frischauer in his book Himmler: Evil Genius of the Third Reich, London, 1953). Himmler's homosexual activities were recorded on film by the Nazi photographer Walter Frenz. Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the Abwehr, was a Greek Jew. Other Jews were Alfred Rosenberg, who developed the national socialist ideology using as models the Talmud and Bulwer-Lytton's "The Coming Race" (1871), and Joseph Goebbels, whose first girlfriend was Jewish and who only appreciated Jewish professors (Grigori Klimov, The Protocols of the Soviet Elders, Krasnodar, 1995, pp. 328-329). Goebbels' Jewish ancestry has also been demonstrated by the historian David Irving. His family came from Holland; he was nicknamed “rabbi” in school. His wife was the adopted daughter of a Jewish family called Friedlander. His motherin-law was once insulted by SA members in a Jewish cafe, whereupon she replied that she would complain to her son-in-law Dr Goebbels (Konrad Heiden, "Adolf Hitler", Zurich, 1936, p. 350).


The deputy Chancellor of the Reich, Rudolf Hess, was born in Egypt by a Jewish mother. In the homosexual circles in Munich, he was known as “Fraulein Anna” (Bronder, op. cit.). It is less commonly known that in the 1920s, Hitler sexually abused Richard Wagner's grandson Wieland Wagner (Time Magazine, 15 August 1994, p. 56). This information is well documented. https://web.archive.org/web/20080203085748/https://time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,981248,00.html


Julius Streicher, editor of Der Sturmer, was another Jewish homosexual. His real name, Abraham Goldberg, was publicized on his hanging on 16 October 1947, after the Nuremberg trials (Bronder, op.cit.).


During the Nuremberg trials, Streicher admitted: “Our model was the Jewish law” (Nikolai Ostrovsky, The Temple of the Beast, Moscow 2001, p. 120).


Both SS officer Adolf Eichmann and Labour Minister Robert Ley were Jews, as were the SS generals Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski (1899-1972) and Odilo Globocnik (1904-1945). After the war, Bach-Zelewski was kept under house arrest for ten years. In 1958, he was taken to court again and sentenced to life imprisonment (Bronder,op. cit.). Goring's right hand, Field Marshal Erhard Milch was half Jewish, according to Time Magazine (7 February 1972), but his mother was Jewish. Goring declared him to be Aryan, although his father was also Jewish. https://web.archive.org/web/20080203085426/https://time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,905753,00.html According to Bronder, Goring himself was Jewish, as was his second wife.


Nazis or Zionists • Secrets of Zion

[Rabbi] Moses Hess coined the term national socialism, commonly shortened to nazism, which he intended to use for Jewish nationalism - and this as early as 1862.




Eichmann: “I am a Zionist, too. I want every Jew to leave for Palestine.”


In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin

By Michael Berenbaum · 2006 ISBN9780742546462, 0742546462




Adolf Eichmann Was a Crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Eichmann Claims He Had ‘many’ Jewish Relatives; Says He is No ‘jew-hater’

Daily Briefing, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), April 21, 1961




The Art of Nazi Hunting: How Israel’s Mossad [conveniently] Found Adolf Eichmann

by Karl Vick, Time, Feb. 09, 2012



Look at Eichmann. I mean, look at him, his long, 6-shaped Jewish nose, his protruding Jewish ears.




“Adolf Eichmann did not kill for pleasure, and he may not even have hated the Jews all that much. There are rumours of Jewish ancestry and even a Jewish mistress.”

Memoirs of an accidental mass murderer

Adolf Eichmann was just a former salesman of electrical goods who, through no fault of his own, became the chief technician of the Holocaust. At least, that's the way he tells it

by Imre Karacs, Independent,  August 13, 1999



Report: Eichmann intervened to save 800 Jews in Berlin in WW2

Haaretz,  March 22, 2008



You wonder why one of the 800 Jews didn't speak up for him at the trial. Why didn't Eichmann offer it as evidence that he was not antisemitic? It’s because Eichmann's role was to solidify the idea of Nazi barbarism.


There also doesn't seem to be any information about his family on the net. Ernst Zundel once said Eichmann was apparently a Jew.


Eichmann’s son Ricardo,pushing the deception after the war, expresses that he is glad he does not have to live with his father:



After Decades of Silence, Eichmann’s Son Goes Public

Daily Briefing, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), June 6, 1995





Are Aryans buried in Jewish cemeteries?


Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller crypto-Jew:


Head of Gestapo buried in Jewish cemetery

by Bob Fredericks, New York Post, October 31, 2013







Hitler & Nazi leaders close with many Jews


Hitler was “whitewashing backgrounds” [for Jews] to “clean them up and make them Aryan. You had that going on all the time. I was continually shocked at how many of these Nazi LEADERS always had 5 or 10 (Jews) they were helping.”



Jewish Historian Bryan Rigg: Hitler Pardoned Thousands of Jews








“In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded Germany's highest military honor, the Knight's Cross. One of these Jewish veterans is today an 82 year old resident of northern Germany, an observant Jew who served as a captain and practiced his religion within the Wehrmacht throughout the war.”

Hitler's Jewish Army

by Michael A. Hoffman II




“Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called ‘full Jews’ served in the military with Hitler’s knowledge.”


“Rigg said he has documented the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler’s soldiers, including two field marshals and 10 generals, “men commanding up to 100,000 troops.” In about 20 cases, soldiers of Jewish heritage were awarded the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honor, he said.”


“One of his discoveries was a 1944 German army personnel document listing 77 high-ranking officers “of mixed Jewish race or married to a Jew.” Two generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals and 23 colonels are on the list.”


“One veteran interviewed by Rigg was a religious Jew, now 82 and living in northern Germany, who assumed a non-Jewish identity, became an army captain, married a Jewish girl from his hometown and successfully remained a practicing Jew within the German army for the entire war.”


“Helmut Schmidt, West Germany’s chancellor from 1974 to 1982, told Rigg he successfully hid the fact that he had a Jewish grandfather from fellow officers in the wartime Luftwaffe, the air force.”


[Note: If one Jew can successfully hide their Jewishness, then others can. Further, if someone could hide their Jewishness without being “Aryanized”, how much easier would it be once these Nazi leaders whitewashed various Jews’ backgrounds? Very easy.]

The Jews in Hitler’s Military

by William D. Montalbano, Los Angeles Times, December 24, 1996




Likewise, Hitler did the same to himself.


Hitler’s sister Paula: “Particularly since he [Hitler] started the race laws, we have no grandfather.”

The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler

by Bridget Hitler, Editor: Michael Unger, 1979, ISBN 9780715613566, 0715613561, p.175.





It is key to note that the Jews had total control over Germany for many years before Hitler came to power, and knowing they were planning another world war, they had a long time to establish a crypto-Jewish fifth column for the transition to Hitlerite/National Socialist Germany. The grand Jewish conspiracy (The Chabad Rabbinate) hand picks crypto-Jews to be in positions of power that they know they can scrub their biographies/background & that was the case with Hitler & other NS leaders.






Zionist-Nazi collusion


“If whole branches of Jews must be destroyed, it is worth it, as long as a Jewish state in Palestine is created.” Theodor Herzl


The Jewish Trotskyite Lennie Brenner documented zionist collusion with the Nazis in his book, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, ISBN 9781569802359.

Many online sources "disappeared," a few remain:

http://www.amazon.com/51-Documents-Zionist-Collaboration-Nazis/dp/1569802351 14



What Was Hitler’s Mindset Regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection?

by Jim Condit, Jr.

December 23, 2014



The Nazi-Zionist Connection – Shocking Hidden History!

by Jim Condit Jr.

http://targetfreedomusa.com/the-nazi-zionist-connection-shocking-hidden-history/ the Nazi-Zionist coin • swastika on the obverse • “Star of David” on the reverse


Zionism and the Third Reich

by Mark Weber

A little-known chapter of history is the wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler’s Third Reich. During the 1930s, Jewish Zionists and German National Socialists shared similar views on how to deal with the “Jewish Question.” They agreed that Jews and Germans were distinctly different nationalities, and that Jews did not belong in Germany. During the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany.



American Pravda: Jews and Nazis

by Ron Unz, August 6, 2018

“In 1934, Zionist leaders invited an important SS official to spend six months in Palestine. His very favorable impressions of the Zionist enterprise were published as a massive 12-part-series in Goebbel’s Der Angriff, bearing the title ‘A Nazi Goes to Palestine.’”




Video: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler

by Jim Condit, Jr.,

repeatedly “disappeared” by YouTube • https://www.bitchute.com/video/OmvIVQt0JlRD/



Among the many important bits of hidden history revealed in this two hour and twenty minute documentary:


  • During World War II as many as 150,000 Jews or “partial-Jews” (Mischlinge), served in the German armed forces, including decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals. Among them were Field Marshal Erhard Milch and Helmut Wilberg, one of the fathers of the blitzkrieg method of warfare that helped Hitler conquer most of Europe. (For an example of the solidly-researched documentation you’ll find on the DVD, click here for a piece of information from the book, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg.)
  • IBM lands in Germany in March, 1933, the very month Hitler comes to power. IBM uses its punchcard system and begins to identify and catalogue the everyday Jews in Germany for eventual roundup. Even though IBM is headquartered in New York City and IBM President Thomas Watson receives many public awards from the Hitler government, the New York Times pretends to hardly notice, and never objects.
  • Books which document that Hitler was helped to power by prominent Jewish owned companies and many Wall Street firms.
  • The little known Rakovsky interrogation is highlighted. Both Hitler and his arch-rival for European hegemony, Communist dictator Joseph Stalin, contended with, but were also funded and manipulated by, the same secret forces in international banking circles.
  • Jewish police help round up everyday Jews, and hand them over to the Nazis so they can be confined in concentration camps. This DVD identifies the book which exposes this aspect of pre-World War II Germany, and explains the reason why.
  • Incredibly, despite the Nazi ideology, which publicly held the Germanic people as the superior race and the Jews as the enemy of all things German, there is formidable evidence indicating that Hitler and other high-ranking Nazi leaders themselves had some Jewish ancestry.
  • Who was William Patrick Hitler, and why did the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, pay him off to quit talking about the family background?
  • Adolf Eichmann spoke Yiddish and visited the Zionists in Palestine many times. Eichmann, with Hitler’s approval, set up training camps in German occupied territory where the Irgun, or Israeli storm troopers, were trained in anticipation of the takeover of Palestine, which happened in 1948, three years after World War II. (By the way, why was Eichmann kept in a sound proof cage during his 1961 trial in Israel? This DVD explains.)
  • Hitler’s close associate, Rudoph Hess, flew to England for some reason in 1942. This DVD explains why. As Hess landed, he was arrested by Churchill’s faction. After World War II, Hess was kept in Spandau Prison, capacity 300 men, as its only prisoner from 1945 to 1989. During this 44 year period, soldiers from four countries (Russia, USA, England, and France) marched around Spandau Prison, each nation on duty one week of each month. During those 44 years, Hess was never allowed to visit with even his immediate family members unless a government witness was present. Why? This DVD explains why.
  • Some leading Zionists in Europe and America, such as Rabbi Stephen Wise, had the opportunity to negotiate the release of many Jews from the Nazi concentration camps near the end of World War II, but refused to do so. (See the 1961 book Perfidy by Ben Hecht for an eloquent introduction to this mind-boggling aspect of World War II. Hecht was a Jewish Hollywood producer and screen writer. He worked closely with David O. Selznick on “Gone with the Wind.”)
  • Commentary on excerpts from the little known pamphlet which appeared in 1940: Hitler’s Policy is a Jewish Policy.
  • The “unexplainable” chapter in Hitler’s life—when he worked for the Communists during their brief occupation of Munich in 1919—explained.
  • What Hitler’s own lawyer testified about Hitler’s ancestry in his “death-bed” pamphlet at Nuremburg entitled, In the Face of the Gallows.
  • And much, much more -- 140 minutes in all.


The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie




more on Zionist-Nazi  collaboration


"While [Hitler] was preaching the doctrine of Jewish expulsion, someone from the crowd hollered something about human rights. Hitler answered sharply, ‘Let him [the Jew] look for his human rights where he belongs: in his own state of Palestine.’32 [...] Writing in 1920 in the Nazi newspaper Die Spur, Rosenberg demanded that Germans lay aside all feelings of antipathy: ‘Zionism must be actively supported so as to enable us annually to transport a specific number of Jews to Palestine, or, in any case, across our borders.’33 [...] But soon Zionist leaders understood that the success of the future Jewish Palestinian economy would be inextricably bound up with the survival of the Nazi economy. So the Zionist leadership was compelled to go further. The German economy would have to be safeguarded, stabilized, and if necessary reinforced. [...] At about the same time, a second memo came through Leo Motzkin, head of the Committee of Jewish Delegations in Geneva.9 [...] However, the report emphasized the ‘undeniable fact that young German Jewry, even from the fifth category, are turning to Jewish nationalism. What we have not been successful with during 30 years, Hitler has accomplished for us overnight.’12 [...] Throughout it all, leading Nazis would regularly declare the need for a Jewish State."

The Transfer Agreement by E Black, Dialog Press, Washington, D. C., (2009), pp.172-173, 253, 255, 375.





In 1983, Jew Yuri Kolesnikov said in WW2, the Zionists 'not only failed to protect their co-religionists, but betrayed them, wholly in league with the Gestapo & SS.”

“…Tony Lerman, senior research officer of the IJA, noted that Korneyev’s booklet also claims that Zionist agents provoked the Russian and Ukrainian pogroms before World War I “in order to increase emigration from the country.”

Zionists Accused of Collaborating

Daily Briefing, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), June 16, 1983, p. 3, ¶4-5





Monday, 9 May 2011

Zionism financed Nazism



Fascinating extract from Churchill's War Volume One.

David Irving discovered a 1948 letter from former

German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning revealing

Zionists financed the Nazis


The full book can be downloaded free from David Irving's website

More on this letter from Heinrich Bruning from David Irving's website



The Here David Irving discusses Zionist financing of the Nazis and of Churchill [video disappeared]






piercing the victors’ propaganda



Stalin's War of Extermination (a video summary of the book by the same name by Joachim Hoffman)

Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o2lW08tYh63y/

Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uuPoyI9GxZoO/


Note the documentation in Part 2 about the anti-German hysterics by Jewish propagandists Illya Ehrenburg and Stephen Wise.





Generalissimo Francisco Franco


the inarguable facts


With so few Catholic “winners” in the 20th century, there is great temptation to lionize Generalissimo Francisco Franco as the victor over Jewish Communism in Spain. Unfortunately Franco consorted with marranos and Jews to remove the legal religious monopoly of Catholicism, dating from 1492 and lift the restriction of Jewish worship in Spain, in cover of being anti-communist.


Worse, there is evidence that Franco was himself a marrano. That Spain fell so quickly under Jewish control after Franco’s death speaks to Franco’s own role in softening Spain for a fall. The nation once saved by Queen Isabella fell to a Jewish version of Reconquista that likewise was centuries in the making.


“In 1965 Franco was the first Head of a Spanish government since 1492 to receive in audience delegates from Jewish congregations in his own country. At Franco's instigation, on December 14, 1966, nineteen million Spaniards voted in favor of the law proposed by Franco to grant freedom of worship to all non-Catholic denominations. Official permission to hold public Jewish services ensued immediately. On December 16, 1968, the first synagogue since 1492 was consecrated in Madrid. To mark this occasion, the Ministry of Justice, at the behest of the Head of State, confirmed the abrogation of the Edict of Expulsion of 1492.”

8th para

Francisco Franco (1892-1975), Benefactor of the Jews

by H. P. Salomon & T. L. Ryan, The American Sephardi, 1978, p. 215-218.



This sequence of news releases from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency archives tells more of that sad treachery.



Generalissimo Franco Says Spain Has Never Been Anti-Semitic, JTA, 5-17-55




Spanish Noblewoman, Daughter of Franco’s General Accepts Judaism, JTA, 5-56-60




Leaders of Spanish Jewry Received by Franco, Legal Rights Discussed, JTA, 1-26-65




Spanish Government Grants Legal Status to Madrid Jewish Community, JTA, 3-23-65




Jews in Spain Thank Franco for Legislation of Freedom of Religions, JTA, 12-8-66




Referendum in Spain Shows Strong Backing of Religious Freedom JTA 12-14-66




Referendum in Spain Today Certain to Give Jews Religious Freedom JTA 12-14-1966



poster of Franco’s endorsement of the 1966 national referendum that, once passed, gave the Jews license to resume subverting Spain as they had done before the Reconquista


Spain Seeks Vatican Approval of Legislation on Freedom of Religion JTA 12-23-66




Spanish Cabinet Approves Final Draft of Law Legalizing Synagogues, JTA 2-27-67




Orthodox Group To Make Presentation To Generalissimo Franco Of Spain





evidence that Franco was a marrano



Max Mazin, Head of Madrid's Jewry 1961-1969:

“Eyewitnesses told me that Franco's brother, Ramón, had a social group where he always said they were a Jewish family.”

¿Era Franco judío? (Was Franco a Jew?)



Ángel de Velasco, Falangist & ex-Nazi spy:

“I proclaim Franco among the characters included in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for the benefit of the most hidden programs. In other words: patriot for the Jews and Torquemada (Catholic) for the native.”

Opinión de un falangista sobre Franco. Angel Alcazar de Velasco. (Opinion of a Falangist about Franco.  Angel Alcazar de Velasco.)



Orthodox Group to Make Presentation to Generalissimo Franco of Spain

“The Rabbinical Alliance of America will honor Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain by presenting him with an ancient sacramental wine cup. Rabbi Abraham Gross, president of the Alliance, handed the cup over to Rabbi Chaim U. Lipschitz tonight in ceremonies at Kennedy Airport. Rabbi Lipschitz, who left for Spain at the invitation of the Spanish Government, will present the cup to the Spanish dictator.

“Rabbi Lipschitz, editor of the Jewish Press of Brooklyn, is author of a book, “Franco and the Jews,” which credits the generalissimo with having made possible the rescue of 60,000 Jews from the Nazis during World War II. The Rabbinical Alliance is composed of about 500 Orthodox rabbis.”



“Thanks to the good action of General Franco, the dictator of Spain, often considered to be of marrano origin,  an estimated 2.000 Egyptian Jews received Spanish passports and toward the end of 1972."

B'nai B'rith on the European continent after World War Two

Nordisk Judaistik (Scadinavian Jewish Studies), Vol. 13 No. 2 (1992), p. 12.

https://journal.fi/nj/article/view/69476 pdf here: https://journal.fi/nj/article/view/69476/41659


Newspaper of Russian-speaking America (Jewish World):

“Another version connects a certain benevolence of Franco towards the Jews with the origin of his mother from the Marranos.”

«Другая версия связывает определенную доброжелательность Франко по отношению к евреям с происхождением его матери от марранов».

Paragraph 11

Еврейская политика Франко в 1939-1945 гг.

Jewish policy of Franco in 1939-1945.



John Toland (historian) in his book Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976), records Franco as Jewish. His authority is given on p. 1319 of that work as (1) a 1971 interview with Gen. Otto Skorzeny, and (2) a statement to this effect by the one-time, and well-informed, British ambassador to Spain, Sir Samuel Hoare, in Hoare's book, Complacent dictator (New York: Alfred A. Knopf), 1947, p. 31.
















Douglas Reed:

“...General Franco (himself of Jewish origin)...”



The Controversy of Zion

Page 279


The First Printing may be downloaded here.



“He then told me that he came from a ‘Marrano’ family. It explained everything! The ‘Marranos’ were Spanish Jews who [falsely] converted to Christianity some 500 years ago. [...] Marrano Jews in Spain; naturally, they are [outwardly] Catholics but among themselves, they still regard themselves as Jews or of Jewish origin. Many ‘Marranos’ rose to high position in Spain - they became Generals, Archbishops, Bishops, Administrators and businessmen; he (a Marrano Jew) told me that General Franco was a ‘Marrano.’ (This was later confirmed by the Jewish Chronicle in an obituary.”

Page 152

 Thought for Food: A Study of the Development of the Food Division, Marks & Spencer: an Autobiography. United Kingdom. Goldenberg, N. (1989). Food Trade Press




“More recent leaders like Francisco Franco and Fidel Castro have admitted openly that they are descendants of [false] converts (Marranos).”

Genealogical Journal, Vol. 1, 1994, p. 46



Jewish Board of Deputies:


“It should be mentioned that General Francisco Franco (1892-1975), himself of Marrano origin remembered them during World War II, by granting Spanish citizenship to about 3000 Ladino speaking Jews fleeing the Balkans who came to settle in Barcelona.”

Page 39

Jewish Affairs, Volume 43, 1988





“A daughter of a former General in Franco’s Army… asserted that a majority of the Spanish Army Staff was made up of descendants of Marrano families.”


A Spanish noblewoman, who claims descent from the Marranos who were converted forcibly to Christianity by the Inquisition during the fifteenth century, returned to Judaism and has been accepted as Jewish by the Rehovot Rabbinical Court, it was disclosed today. The Marranos continued to practice Judaism in secret.


Miss Isabel Monios, 55, resumed her original family name “Yamin Oz,” which means “right hand of strength,” and her given name in Hebrew, Elisheva. A daughter of a former General in Franco’s Army, Miss Monios, who comes from the Island of Majorca, asserted that a majority of the Spanish Army Staff was made up of descendants of Marrano families. She also said that a number of Spanish Marranos settled a long time ago on Majorca and continued to live apart from other Majorcans and to marry only among themselves.


The Marranos who settled in Majorca still preserved in semi-secrecy some Jewish customs, including observance of the Furim [sic] Feast, the Yom Kippur fast and restriction of work on the Jewish Sabbath, she stated. She revealed that her father had admonished the entire family to re-convert to Judaism as soon as they could. She indicated plans to return to Majorca to establish a symgogue [sic] and invite religious teachers from Israel to go to Majorca to bring the Marranos back to Judaism.


Spanish Noblewoman, Daughter of Franco’s General, Accepts Judaism

Jewish Telegraph Agency, JTA Daily Bulletin, May 27, 1960




Franco and Star of Rempham appear on a philatelic plate

 issued by Spanish Morocco (then a Spanish Protectorate) in 1939

to aid disabled soldiers in North Africa.




Francisco Franco attends an event inside a Spanish theater, c. 1936 - 1939 Spain

The theater is crowded with personalities and men in uniform making the fascist salute.

Franco [red arrow] is in the gallery.

From left, the flags are: Italian, Spanish 2nd Republic, Nazi, Italian again, then the Star of Rempham flag.



Hitler and Franco at  the Spanish-French border, 1940







The results of WW2:


  • Huge step forward to the bringing in of Moshiach
  • Stage set for next already-planned world war
  • The youth of all the Christian nations are dead and maimed
  • The de-Christianized nations are in huge debt to Jewish bankers
  • Asia and Half of Europe enslaved under Jewish Communism
  • The Western Hemisphere and half of Europe enslaved under Jewish capitalism
  • Jewish terrorism and genocide reign in Palestine




World War 3 is from the Jews


Each world war brought The Jews a step closer to fulfilling their prophecy. WW3 must be the destruction of the West and the Perestroika deception is how they are going to successfully pull it off.


Among the innumerable talmudic imprecations against Gentiles (e.g., “Kill even the best of the Gentiles”) are exhortations to entirely destroy Christendom, “Rome.” Rabbi David Kimchi writes as follows in Obadiam:


“What the Prophets foretold about the destruction of Edom in the last days was intended for Rome, as Isaiah explains (ch. 34,1): Come near, ye nations, to hear . . . For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall be redeemed.”




political Kabbalah


Jewish philosopher Solomon Maimon (1753-1800):


“The secret political meaning of the Kabbalah is known only to the superiors of the secret society. These superiors themselves, as well as their operations, remain ever unknown; the rest of the society you may become acquainted with, if you choose. But the latter cannot betray political secrets which are unknown to themselves, while the former will not do it, because it is against their interest. Only the lesser (purely literary) mysteries are entrusted to the people and urged upon them as matters of the highest importance. The greater political mysteries are not taught, but, as a matter of course, are brought into practice.”

page 158





Kabbalist Avigdor Eskin states the Jewish planned (neo-Soviet) Eurasian New World Order, is the fulfillment of Kabbalah prophecy & Putin is the new Cyrus the Great, who will conquer 'liberalism', deliver the Jews & help build the Third Temple:



Rabbi tells how a 19th century rabbi said there will be three world wars, then moshiach (antichrist).

3m 18s




WW3 has not yet happened. China and Russia (Perestroika deception) will attack overnight after NATO is dissolved. The Jews will paralyze America from within so it is defenseless.


Jewish prophecy DEMANDS that Edom (The West) is destroyed before Moshiach can be installed.


We are in The Great Apostasy. The second coming of Jesus Christ is coming in our lifetime.


The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – parts I  & II




The original book:

The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide towards the Second October Revolution [Weltoktober]

by Anatoliy Golitsyn


download here



Historical Edom was a kingdom neighboring Ancient Israel. The Jews have come to associate Edom—and its destruction—with Rome and Christianity in general.




What is the Jewish role in using the USA as a tool to hasten arrival of “moshiach” (Anti-Christ)?



“Rabbi Baal Shem Tov (founder of Hasidism, such as Chabad), said 1740 was the beginning of the dawn of moshiach.”

The Sixth Millennium and the Age of Moshiach

3rd ¶




The George Washington Inaugural “Bible” was Mssonic.


The Bible has been in the possession of St. John’s Lodge No. 1 A.Y.M. in New York, NY since 1770. Given the preponderance of Masons among the organizers of the first Inauguration, it is hardly surprising that, the wording of the Presidential Oath is lifted directly from Masonic Obligations!


The Bible has also been used in 4 other Presidential Inaugurations:

  • Harding in 1921
  • Eisenhower in 1953
  • Carter in 1977
  • George HW Bush in 1989

The George Washington Inaugural Bible

¶ 1, 16 & 26



Washington also took his oath with the Bible open to (and he kissed) Genesis, chapters 49-50, in which it is said at 49:1 & 50:23:


“And Jacob called his sons, and said to them: Gather yourselves together that I may tell you the things that shall befall you in the last days… God will visit you after my (Joseph's) death, and will make you go up out of this land, to the land which He swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

George Washington's Inauguration & America’s Israelite Destiny

by Dr. Richard Griffith



In 1790, Washington wrote to the Mickve Israel Synagogue, in Savannah, Georgia:


“May the same wonder-working Deity, who long since delivering the Hebrews from their Egyptian Oppressors planted them in the promised land -whose providential agency has lately been conspicuous in establishing these United States as an independent nation - still continue to water them with the dews of Heaven and to make the inhabitants of every denomination participate in the temporal & spiritual blessings of that people whose God is Jehovah.”

The Letter That Will Change How You Think About George Washington

by Bruce Feiler




Ex-Chabad Eduard Hodos says (Chabad) Senator Joe Lieberman told him 1991, the US had 20 years left to exist.


“When Chabad clears the world using the US as a tool, they no longer need the USA.”


15th ¶

Правительство Путина работает по плану Хабад.

Putin's government is working on the Chabad plan.



And we see;


“(Dutch) Rabbi Menashe's knowledge of Kabbalah motivated him to hasten moshiach’s coming, which ultimately led to the Jews returning to England. The settlement of Jews throughout the world was understood to be a sign that Moshiach was coming.”




Chabad’s erstwhile “moshiach” Rebbe Schneerson on Western Civilization:


“Iram, whom the Midrash (Bereishit Raba 83:4) describes as gathering treasures for the Messiah, refers to the time when 'Rome' (the West) will no longer battle G‑d but will in fact use its 'treasures' i.e. its resources, to contribute to the unfolding of the messianic era.”

last para

Two Final Stages















machine translation of Правительство Путина работает по плану Хабад.

Putin’s government is working on the Chabad plan.



S.A. Sall - Why Putin has been in power for so long (Part 1)


I suggest you listen to this video. There everything is detailed and the last about the work of Chabad in collaboration with the Putin government.


С.А. Салль - Почему Путин так долго у власти (Часть 1)

S.A. Sall - Why Putin has been in power for so long (Part 1)




Learn a lot of new and useful things. You will find out their plans, according to which the present of Russians is being built and what future Chabad people are planning for Russia. Read the article when you have time.




St. Seraphim Vyritsky said: “There will come a time when there will be a spiritual flowering in Russia. Many churches and monasteries will open, even non-Christians will come to us to be baptized on such ships. But this is not for long - for fifteen years, then the Antichrist will come.


This material is taken from the monologue films of Eduard Hodos, the head of the Jewish religious community living in Kharkov, the only expert in the world on the Jewish sect Chabad.


Eduard Hodos: "This is not some kind of sect, these are the people who keep the heads of government of the leading countries of the world under control and meet with them." "Chabad is the leading force in Jewish life today." At present, all Jewish politics is influenced by the book "Tania" - the Jewish "Mein Kampf", written two hundred years ago. Its essence: Jewish souls are divine, others are of animal origin. According to this book, there is a conflict between two civilizations: God's chosen Jewish civilization with the civilization of the goyim (not Jews). The civilization of the goyim must disappear from the face of the Earth.


The Chabad sect arose in the 18th century among the Lubavitcher Hasidim in the town of Lubavichi in the Smolensk region. The leadership of the sect is carried out by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the leadership of the sect is inherited. Chabad controls the Federal Reserve System (FRS) of the United States, organized in 1913 by several private Jewish banks, as well as the International Monetary Fund. In 1989, there were about 20 thousand people in the movement.


Chabad is not only made up of the richest people in the world. So a member of the sect was Rabbi Dr. Naftali Berg (died in 1994), whom the Chabad people called "our superweapon", "the pride of Chabad", - the director of the Department of Scientific Research at the US Department of Defense, he is also the think tank of the Pentagon, - the developer of the HAARP system, which is a complex of climatic, geophysical and psychotronic weapons. HAARP was created to control the human mind, was used by the Americans in Iraq. Dr. Berg considered the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneersohn to be his spiritual father and consulted with him on many issues.


Chabad organized the systemic destruction of the USSR since the 60s. The shopkeepers and the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are the work of their hands. Kennedy's assassination was organized by Chabad after Executive Order 11110 of June 4, 1963, that dollars should be printed by the Treasury Department under the US Constitution, not the Fed. Within the sect - homosexual relations, at a certain level of the hierarchy, used as an obligatory ritual. Uses the satanic Kabbalistic ritual of Pulse Denura ("strike by fire") to destroy objectionable political leaders. With its help, I.V. Stalin, Israeli Prime Ministers Rabin and Sharon were destroyed. The denura pulse is rarely read - several times a century, and usually on Jews and those who have Jewish blood. This ritual was also used against Eduard Khodos, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) told him about this in the late 90s.


In Russia, the leader of Chabadniks is Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar.


In Ukraine, members of the Chabad community are: Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Asman, businessmen: Igor Kolomoisky, Vadim Rabinovich, Gennady Bogolyubov, Viktor Pinchuk, Alexander Feldman. Eduard Khodos calls PrivatBank a Chabad bank.


Chabad also uses provocations in its activities. So the publication in Kharkov of Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" was sponsored by Chabadnik Alexander Feldman. Everything related to the genocide of the Slavs was removed from it, and only the genocide of the Jews (the Holocaust) was left.


Chabad is the author of the current global financial crisis. The world "is moving towards a new world order, which at one time was spoken out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion." The financial crisis is a "clearly articulated scenario" - one of those that must be implemented in the process of rebuilding the world. “This financial crisis has turned the world upside down. This is the beginning of the rebuilding of the world."


The purpose of the world reorganization organized by Chabad is to bring the Antichrist into the world. The head of the Lubavitcher Rebbe sect, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, addressing the Chabad people, said: “Do everything you can to bring a just savior into the world and immediately.” In the Ukrainian Chabad magazine “From Heart to Heart” #50, 2004, it says: “All the work is finished. Moshiach (Messiah, i.e. Antichrist - ed.) is already here, you just need to open your eyes to see it. The golden 700-kilogram menorah, cast in Israel from gold on the initiative and at the expense of a resident of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich, is a harbinger of the third temple to be built by the Jews. (which will be built on the site where the Savior preached, and where the Mosque of Omar stands today, in which the Antichrist will be crowned - ed.). After 1991, when the Rebbe became paralyzed, Chabad decided to clone him. Edurad Hodos believes that the young man, in whom the DNA of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson resides, really exists.


In October-November 1991, at the invitation of the head of Chabad, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M.M. The Rebbe met with a member of the Chabad sect, US Senator Joseph Lieberman. Joseph Lieberman told him that the Soviet Union had 2 months left to exist, the United States of America - 20 years. The Rebbe said that Lieberman is the future president of the United States. Eduard Khodos: Lieberman is the shadow president for many US presidents. Chabad stands behind the backs of many US presidents.


The first geopolitical task of the World Government, headed by the servants of the Antichrist, was to turn the bipolar world (the system of socialism - the system of capitalism) into a unipolar one, destroying the socialist system. It was carried out by Chabad through the hands of Gorbachev. The collapse of socialism Chabad has been systematically preparing since the 60s, the guilds and the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were important elements in the destruction of the USSR, while the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was a well-planned terrorist act to undermine the economy of the USSR, carried out with the participation of nuclear specialists. In 90-91, Chabad people held prayers (ritual dances) in the city of Pripyat. In addition to a blow to the economy of the USSR, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was also revenge on the descendants of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, who in the 16th century mowed down the Chernobyl branch of the Chabad ancestors with fire and sword. Chernobyl has always been regarded by members of the Chabad sect as a sacred place of punishing retribution.


Berl Lazar - Chabadnik, he is today the Chief Rabbi of Russia, in 2005 in New York at the annual meeting of the Chabad sect said about the collapse of the USSR: “Russia knew many revolutions, but the most peaceful, quietest and most effective is the revolution that was created messengers of Chabad.


The second geopolitical task is to destroy the system of capitalism, to destroy the national elites, to make everyone beggars overnight. This task is entrusted to Barack Obama; while the world will be rebuilt into a new unified world state. The financial collapse will be followed by all the other collapses: economic and social, conflicts, clashes, all this is calculated in order to eventually lead the world to a new world order.


The third geopolitical task is to move the center of the unipolar world to Jerusalem, to create a single world state headed by the Antichrist. All resources will be in his hands. From comp .: hungry people will be offered bread in exchange for the seal of the Antichrist - an RFID chip built into the skin (spiritual destruction of people). Spiritual destruction will be followed by physical destruction - the reduction of humanity, according to Eduard Hodos - to several tens of millions of people, the rest are subject to destruction /2/. Now the second geopolitical task is being carried out.


In the presence of Eduard Khodos in October-November 1991, the following issues were discussed:


1. The methods and efforts of Chabad, which were applied by him for the collapse of the USSR, were analyzed.


2. It was said: impoverishment, neutralization, and, ultimately, the destruction of those national elites that are capable of resistance. In the context of these global transformations, the national elite is doomed, because it does not fit into the new world order, into the elite that will be formed from above on an ideological and religious basis.


3. The destruction of humanity up to several tens of millions of people (the goal of the theory of the "golden billion", according to Eduard Hodos, is a false goal, so that humanity, hoping to get into this "golden billion", indifferently watched how the other part of humanity would be exterminated) .


With the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, the world was "derailed". Eduard Khodos believes that the transition period to a new world order will take 5-6 years from this date, as with the collapse of the socialist system (which occurred from 1985 to 1991), and the destruction of humanity from this date will occur within 10 years.


Eduard Khodos: "Therefore, I believe that the process of the beginning of the destruction of mankind in the form of a crisis (initially in the form of a financial one), it has already begun and will be distributed within, in my opinion, 10 years."


US fate


When a microscopic minority (chabad) clears the world with the help of the US, using them as a tool, they will no longer need the US. As already mentioned, on November 1, 1991, Senator Lieberman told Eduard Hodos that the United States had 20 years left to exist (this period ended on November 1, 2011 - approx. comp). Eduard Khodos: Barack Obama is destined for the same role as Gorbachev: the first destroyed the socialist system, the second will destroy the capitalist system. This is in line with the forecast of Igor Panarin, political scientist, professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, author of the book “The collapse of the dollar and the collapse of the United States”, published in 2009.


The fate of Ukraine


(according to Chabad plans)


“Internal threats today exceed any external threats, any missiles” (Eduard Khodos).


Chabadniks call Dnepropetrovsk "the Jewish capital of Ukraine". In September 2011, a huge multifunctional complex "Menorah" with an area of 36 thousand square meters was to be built. meters - the largest Jewish center in the world, which is more than twice the size of a similar complex in Moscow in Maryina Roshcha (17 thousand square meters). 80 million dollars for its construction were allocated by Gennady Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky. See the type of project of the Menorah complex: There is no such synagogue as in Dnepropetrovsk in the whole world /6/. Chabadnik Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk Shmuel Kamenensky: “The community managed to build a state within a state in Dnepropetrovsk.”


There are only three Chabad centers in the world - one in Israel, the second - in New York, the third - in Dnepropetrovsk (there are many more reference points). Eduard Khodos hints that it was Ukraine that the Chabad chose for the new Israel, it is here that they want to move and live here and become masters in Ukraine.


In Brussels (after the meeting of Igor Kolomoisky with the President of Israel), the central office of the European Council of Jewish Communities was opened in the building of the European Parliament, President Igor Kolomoisky. In April 2011, the European Jewish Union was also created, Igor Kolomoisky was elected president for 5 years.


The economic component in Ukraine up to 80% is in Jewish hands. The information field of Ukraine is also in their hands. So the UNIAN agency, channel 1 + 1, Glavred belong to Igor Kolomoisky, Viktor Pinchuk - STB, ICTV, Novy Kanal, M1, M2 channels. Both of them and Gennady Bogolyubov are active members of the Chabad Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk. Today, the Chabad people of Dnepropetrovsk proudly call their city the Jewish capital of Ukraine.


Yulia Timoshenko, according to Mikhail Brodsky, is half Armenian, half Jewish, and Sergei Tigipko is a Moldovan Jew.


Eduard Khodos suspects Alexander Feldman of the murder of Yevgeny Kushnarev.


Land in Ukraine will be bought by Jews - 150,000 citizens of Ukraine with Israeli passports.


Chabadnik Rabbi Yitzhak Pintosevich - the most expensive Israeli political strategist, was Arseniy Yatsenyuk's political strategist in the presidential elections. His model "According to the laws of war", based on the teachings of the Torah and Kabbalah, is based on the principles of organizing reconnaissance and sabotage groups of Israel, these same principles were the basis of the "Front for Change". "Eight principles make a group of people included in a unit into a well-functioning, efficient and deadly mechanism operating behind enemy lines." Alexander Feldman is also his client. Today, Kabbalists stand behind all presidential candidates in Ukraine.


It is not just that the topic of the fact that the Svoboda party of Oleg Tyagnibok is financed by Igor Kolomoisky is being discussed. The latter believes that Svoboda can become the leader of the west and center of Ukraine.


Eduard Khodos: The industry will deliberately keep pace in Ukraine. And Ukraine, which is one of the ten most harmful countries in terms of production, is likely to be one of the first to feel the implementation of the plan to reduce production. Industrialists, bankers and other national elites will be of primary interest in order to disappear as a force resisting, because. poses a real threat to those forces that have decided to rebuild (reconstruct) the world. National elites are doomed. Eduard Khodos is sure that there is a certain plan, and the list of those who are capable of resistance is also being let out.


In March 2011, Alexander Feldman invited Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem to Kharkiv. The purpose of Chabad is to shift the orientation of Orthodox Ukrainians and reorient the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate from Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia to Theophilus III, who kindles the Holy Fire. As you know, in December 2011, President Viktor Yanukovych received from Patriarch Theophilus III of Jerusalem the highest award of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church - the Order of the Holy Sepulcher... From the editor: It seems that the Chabad trap set for Viktor Fedorovich worked.


Thus, we are talking about real plans for the capture of Ukraine by the World Government, the destruction of Orthodoxy - the UOC-MP and the resettlement of members of the Jewish sect Chabad to Ukraine. From comp.: Ukrainians are subject to chipization - spiritual destruction. And then, together with all the goyim, they must disappear from the face of the Earth. By the way, brain chipping of Russians has already been formalized by Order of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation "Strategy for the Development of the Electronic Industry for the Period of 2025" No. 311 dated August 07, 2007.




1. A key point that goes unnoticed by most people today: “All the work is done. Moshiach is already here." Those. all Judeo-Chabad and Masonic politics, the actions of the World government today are controlled directly by the Antichrist. And the chain of world events is built by them in such a way that on the appointed day and hour they will enthrone their boss: Moshiach - the Antichrist. And the time is near: "All the work is finished."


2. The second key point is that the timing of the coming of the Antichrist is determined not by the World Government, but by ourselves, humanity itself.


One far-sighted Orthodox priest said this to his spiritual children last year on the second day of Easter:


“Everyone strengthen themselves, rise up in unison, letters to the president against the press, against the three sixes, and we can still live maybe even a thousand years. Although it is close at the door, it all depends on the repentance of our Orthodox people. The Lord can even extend us, I tell you honestly, for a hundred years, and for five hundred and a thousand. Everything depends on us: how we repent, how we confess, how we partake, how we ask the Lord.


“And they will and should frighten us, but we must be frightened, and we ourselves must try to do everything, as they write in the holy books, in the lives of the holy fathers and in Revelation. Christ is risen, many years to you, we are waiting for salvation and healing to the whole Orthodox world! Many years!”






genocide and Kabbalah


Communism is a tool created by Jewry to enslave and conquer nations, and hasten the Moshiach (“Messiah”=Antichrist) by genocide of non-Jews. The mitzvot (religious duty) to genocide Gentiles pervades Judaism.




Some background on Kabbalah and Jewish ritual murder is necessary to understand the following excerpts from Fr. I. B. Pranaitis on genocidal Jewish doctrine.



Diagram of the Kabbalistic sephiroth

When you unwrap the layers of dissimulation and misdirection in Judaism, at some point you will discover the pagan elements of Judaism, including reincarnation, polytheism, sun worship, moon worship, simulated copulation with a demon, animal sacrifices, curses, and black magic.   If you approach the rabbis at this point with the incontrovertible evidence, they will insist that you have only stumbled upon “Kabbalism, not really Judaism.” That too is another layer of dissimulation. These pagan beliefs and practices are not relegated to some fringe cult, but are widely practiced by religious Jews, occult practices that the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse/Revelation 3:9) has borrowed during their exiles in Babylon (“Babylon stands higher than the land of Israel.” Ketuboth 111a), Sumeria, and Egypt. So, do not be baffled by the arcane jargon and various transliterations of Kabbalah (e.g., sephiroth, klipot, etc.). For more detail on Kabbalah, read here.


In Lurianic Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, the qliphoth/qlippoth/qlifot or kelipot (Hebrew: קְלִיפּוֹת‎‎ qəlīpōṯ, originally Aramaic: קְלִיפִּין‎ qəlīpīn, plural of קְלִפָּה‎ qəlīpā; literally "peels", "shells", or "husks"), are the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sefirot. The realm of evil is also termed Sitra Achra (Aramaic: סִטְרָא אַחְרָא‎ sīṭrāʾ ʾaḥrāʾ, the "Other Side") in Kabbalah texts.



Sefirot (/sfɪˈroʊt, ˈsfɪroʊt/; Hebrew: סְפִירוֹת‎ səp̄īrōṯ), meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms (Seder hishtalshelus). The term is alternatively transliterated into English as sephirot/sephiroth, singular sefirah/sephirah, etc.



In 1913 a case of  Jewish ritual murder rose to international notoriety, the ritualistic murder in 1911 of 13-year-old Andryusha “Andrei” Yushchinsky. As they did following the murder of Mary Phagan by Leo Frank, international Jewry went into high dudgeon to acquit Mendel Beilis.


The 13-year-old schoolboy, Andrei Youshchinsky was murdered in Kiev on March 12th. After eight days, his corpse was found in a brickyard completely slashed to pieces and bloodless. Suspicion fell on the Jewish manager of the brickyard, Mendel Beiliss. The case did not come to trial until two and a half years later (Sept. 29th to Oct. 28th, 1913). In the intervening period numerous attempts were made to lead the investigating officers on to the wrong track. Meanwhile a large number of incriminating witnesses suffered sudden and unnatural deaths; false accusations and confessions followed one after another due to huge money bribes. Behind the accused lurking in the shadows, was the figure of Faivel Schneerson of the Lubavitchers, leader of the ‘Zadiks’ (‘Saints’) of the Chassidim sect, who was the spiritual director of the murder. The trial ended with the release of Beiliss, but at the same time the court established that the murder had taken place inside the Jewish brickyard, which was the religious center of the Kiev Jews, for the purpose of obtaining blood. Almost all the prosecutors, witnesses, and authorities who had spoken out against Judaism, later fell victim to the Bolshevik Terror. (Ausfuhrliche Darstellungen des Prozeßes enthalten ‘Hammer’ Nr. 271, 273, 274, 275; Oktober bis Dezember 1913)


Fr. I. B. Pranaitis


Fr. I. B. Pranaitis testified as an expert at the trial. Even today the Jews pretend that Fr. Pranaitis was ignorant about Judaism. We are confident that, following your read below of Fr. Pranaitis, you will agree to his expertise.


…11. The sources of Jewish doctrine do not stop only at the permission to kill non-Jews in general and, in particular, Christians. They go further - they recommend, encourage, give special merit and command: to kill. The slaughter of non-Jews, and therefore of Christians, is a sacrifice pleasing to God. The idea that the murder of a non-Jew is a sacrificial act occurs repeatedly. So in Sefer Ohr Yisroel - 117, c, it is said: “Take the life of the Klipot [Gentiles are ‘Klipot’ - shell, husk. The Jews are the grain, but the ‘peoples of the earth’ (= goyim, Gentiles), that is, foreigners, only his shell or husk.] and kill them, then the Shekinah (Heavenly Queen) will consider this to you on a par with the incense of the sacrifice.” In the same work, on page 180, we read: “A Jew is obliged to remove thorns from his vineyard, that is, exterminate, uproot the Klipot; for there is nothing more pleasing to the Blessed Lord and cannot be like the extermination by us of wicked people and the Klipot.” In Yalkut Shimoni 245, p, 722, and Bamidbar Rabba 229, p, it is said that “everyone who sheds the blood of the wicked is just as pleasing to God as the one offering Him a sacrifice.” By “wicked,” in this place, it is undoubtedly meant Christians, for the Jews consider them wicked “atheists,” a blasphemous people, and Christianity is called “the kingdom of the godless” or “godless kingdom,” “the godless kingdom of Esau” and “godless Roman kingdom” as John Eisenmenger proved, in the more than once cited work, Part I, Ch. 16 and 17.…


15. On the basis of the messianic idea, mysticism in Jewry created the doctrine that, creating the world, Jehovah planted in living beings particles of his divine holiness, in the form of sparks. When creating the good and evil sides (the evil side - the Klipots [Gentiles]), part of the sparks of the Deity fell on the evil side. There were 288 such sparks [8]. The release of these sparks from the Klipot (the evil side) and their return upward - to the original source accelerates the coming of the Messiah. The moment of coming depends on the release [murder] of all 288 sparks from the Klipot (the evil side of creation). This naturally implies the position that, hoping with all his thoughts of the coming of the Messiah, a Jew must strive to free these sparks by means of murder - like Moses, who killed an Egyptian in order to free one of such sparks of the Divine from him ...


To clarify and confirm the above, we can cite passages from the writings of Chaim Vital (who died in 1620), which enjoys great prestige among the Jews. In his work Shaar Gakdamot, shaar, 6, derush 2, sheet 33, c, it says: “The secret of the aforementioned matter is that, for the purpose of combining (mating, intercourse, uniting) the Little Face and His Spouse, we exalt ( up) women’s waters in two ways: firstly, by prayer, falling face down to the ground (with prostration, prolonged bowing to the ground), because through it (prayer) they (praying) lift up the sacred sparks that are in shells (husks, crusts, ‘Klipotah’) everywhere ...; secondly, by killing the shells (Klipot) and removing them away from this world, for then they themselves (the Klipots) raise the holy sparks in the shells, by the secret of female waters, up to the Spouse of the Small Face, and through this the Small Face is combined with their own Spouse and puts sparks in order. And similarly (the matter takes place) with the Small Face and His Spouse: for when they ascend to the Father and Mother (i.e., the Upper Sephiroth - the Crown and the Queen), at a certain time of union, then they carry away the fragments (sparks ) Father and Mother and ascend them to the Mother, by the secret of women's waters bring them to Her (to the Mother) and put in order those sparks that rise up every time in small particles. And so the matter continues (until) until all sparks disappear from the shell in order to be separated (freed from the shell - Klipot) and put in order. And then the Messiah will come, as you know.” It can be seen from the above text that by killing the shells (Klipot), which causes the ascent of sparks, the lower Sephiroth, called "the Little Face and His Spouse (Rachel)", are united. Both of these Sephiroth then conduct sparks to the higher Sephiroth: the Father and Mother, when the sparks rise precisely at the time of the union of both Sephiroth. Sparks are called “fragments” of the Father and Mother because they fell into shells from the higher potencies of the Divine (Father and Mother) according to the secret called Habu. And so the Jew - partly by prayer, partly by killing the Klipot, brings those sparks to the intermediary (intermediate) Sephiroth: the Little Face and His Spouse, who return them to the Divine Source, by which God is strengthened in the struggle against Sammael (the Evil Spirit, - the “heads of the shells”) and Lilita (his wife), hindering the coming - so that he can finally send down the Messiah - and he, as you know, will come only when all the sparks disappear from the shells.


translation from the original Russian:

The case of the ritual murder of Andryusha Yushchinsky

Conclusion on the secret of the blood of the Jews

The “mystery of blood” among the Jews

Expertise I.B. Pranaitis

Publication of the Russian People's Union named after Mikhail Archangel

St. Petersburg 1913

given by the former professor of the Roman Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg, now the curator of the Turkestan region, master of theology I.E. Pranaitis,

November 15-23, 1912.



Pay attention to “sparks” (klipot, kelipot).


Chabad directed the Soviet Union Project


Iskra (The Spark) was a socialist journal founded by (Jew) LENIN in 1900



“At creation, there was an explosion & the sparks of divine light were shattered & subsequently held captive in shells, kelipot. The sparks need to be restored to their original state. [Killing non-Jews] [...] This is also the view of the Tanya & is still one of the most central dogmas of Chabad.”

https://www.doria.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/54408/rosengard_nanna.pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y p. 59


Sparks - The Weekly Chabad Video Magazine




films about Hasidism


"The Spark" 1974; an overview of the Lubavitch, by Mel Epstein




“The root and source of all Jewish souls is in the Supreme Wisdom... the kelipot and sitra achra (non-Jews) are called vomit and filth, as is known.”

https://www.chabad.org/library/tanya/tanya_cdo/aid/1028968/jewish/Chapter-24.htm last ¶



The 5th Chabad Rebbe traveled to Petrograd from his base in Rostov,

just before the Jewish 1917 uprising began in Petrograd.


“He would remain there for 7 full weeks before returning to Rostov. In the course of those 7 weeks, the Tsar’s government would disintegrate before his very eyes. The record of the Rebbe's activities for the next 2 months are scant. Before leaving Rostov, his last discourse was on the power given by G‑d to Moses to bring about Pharaoh’s downfall.” https://chabad.org/holidays/purim/article_cdo/aid/360 ¶ 18-23


World War 3 is the final act

in a long-range synagogue script to achieve

world Jewish domination.


“In summary of synagogue strategy, WW2 was deigned by the synagogue to destroy German power forever, establish the Israeli state, to impose communism on Eastern Europe in form of ‘liberation’ from Nazi Generalplan Ost, to destroy Eastern Christianity and to kill off millions of the white race.


“In symmetry, WW3 is designed to destroy American power forever, establish a Greater Israel, impose communism (hidden in guise of the Perestroika Deception) on the entire world in form of the ‘liberation’ of the West from a ‘manic satanic elite/globalists’, to destroy Christianity in the entire world and to kill off 10’s millions”

The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – parts 1 & 2




Rabbis explain how Jewish 'doctrine' demands Western civilization (Amalek/Esau/Edom) must be destroyed for moshiach [“messiah,” The Anti-Christ] to come:





“Abarbanel explains “sa’aros teiman” to mean the evildoers of Edom (America, Christianity), whose first chief was named Teiman. The pasuk is thus implying that Hashem will go to war [WW3] against the nations because of the evil that Edom did against His nation.”

Pg 40



Rabbi Mendel Kessen reveals how Esau (Edom, Rome, West) is to be the scapegoat for the sins of the Jews, according to Talmudic prescription.


"The ultimate proof is in the book 'Yalkut Reuveni,” a vast compendium of midrashim  [early rabbinic commentaries] indicating that G-d is going to take all the sins of the Jewish people and throw them onto Esav (Esau). It is as if G-d says 'You are the cause of all their sins because of what you did to them, that being the climate and provocation you instigated.'”

Rabbi Mendel Kessin: The Purification of America in the End of Days

by Robin Diamond, Times of Israel, June 15, 2020, 19th paragraph




The duty to exterminate Amalek*  was already accomplished in the Old Testament,** but new Amalek still live on in perpetual Jewish paranoia.


In their satanic blood lust, Jews have never ceased defining new Amalek, Haman, Esau, and Edom. They burn eternally with a blood lust to exterminate all non-Jews and to subjugate any survivors.


They believe their moshiach will not come until they exterminate us all.


Their demand of God,—“Moshiach now!”—should be chilling and no source of amusement because it is a call for our extermination by any and all means: pestilence, famine, and war.


In a horrifying nexus of Christian revelation and Kabbalistic prophesy, The Anti-Christ will reign for a time.


Deuteronomy 25:17-19

** Exodus 17:8-16




We want moshiach now!





“Early kabbalah was infused with Messianism (i.e. end time calculations, messianic ideas and visions). It stressed the catastrophic element of redemption […] The task of hastening the end even became pivotal for the mystics, just as it is for [Chabad] Lubavitchers today.” p. 57.


“At creation, there was an explosion & the sparks of divine light were shattered & subsequently held captive in shells, kelipot. The sparks need to be restored to their original state. [Killing non-Jews] [...] This is also the view of the Tanya & is still one of the most central dogmas of Chabad.” p. 59.


We want Moschiach Now! • Understanding the Messianic Message in the Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch Movement

by Nanna Rosengård,





Extermination of Gentiles is an ancient Jewish tradition.


World War 3 is Jewish revenge according to the late  Chabad Rebbe Schneerson:


"Rashi* says: 'G-d’s sovereignty will not be complete until He exacts retribution from the descendants of Eisav'.”

Redemption Through the Refining of Rome

Sichos in English

Shabbos Parshas VaYishlach; 14th Day of Kislev, 5751



* Rashi: רש”י is an acronym for Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki: רבי שלמה יצחקי

an 11th Century A.D. rabbi who provided extensive commentary in the Talmud. Rashi’s commentaries depart ever further from the plain meaning (pshat) to exegetical extrapolations (drash) that nullify the unmistakeable Word of God. In the Talmud, Rashi's words are usually rendered in a Sephardic cursive font known as Rashi script, ketav Rashi (כתב רש”י), and always appear on the inside margin of the folio.



Another from the 12th century A.D.:



Samael was punished and made the guardian angel over the wicked Esau.

In the Future, when God uproots the Kingdom of Edom, he will lower him first.”

(see footnote)

The Bahir (first published c. 1176)



and continued in the 20th century…


“The Jews believe that their religion is the result of Abraham’s agreement with God, and that as such it is incumbent to the lord's chosen people to dominate the world, because the rest of men are mere animals, lacking any human nature, who do not have the right to be seated at the table of the elected nor to be a part of the future aristocracy of mankind, who on the supposed command of God will enslave the peoples of the world.” [page 5]


“To accomplish the conquest of the people that naively and generously gave them shelter, each Jew works tirelessly for the development of the plans of conquest which range from infiltration and various maneuvers to monopolize the leading positions to the revolutions and coup d'etats when such are necessary. They also use masonic and communist organizations, political parties, labor unions and other associations which they secretly control. The most serious aspect of all this is that Hebrews believe they are sincerely fulfilling God's commands to his chosen people, and also fulfilling the more sacred principles of the Talmud, which they believe is the interpretation of God's will: ‘Wherever Hebrews settle, it is necessary they must become the masters; and as long as they do not have absolute domain, they should consider themselves as exiled and prisoners. Although they may dominate many nations, until they do not dominate all of them, they should not cease to proclaim: What a torment!, What an indignity!’


“Following the introduction of Jews in the bosom of certain nations many centuries ago, they have provoked in those nations a chronic state of civil war, either in regard to intrigues in the royal courts, popular mutinies, religious schisms, heresies, religious wars, conspiracies, revolts and revolutions of the most varied kinds. Since the nations of the world allowed this cancer to grow in their bosom, they have not known a moment of internal peace, nor will they know such peace until they decide to uproot the terrible evil.” [pages 26-27]

Library of Political Secrets #3 - What Is Judaism? by Istvan Bakony, 1969




and still today…


Rabbis explain how Jewish 'doctrine' demands Western civilization (Amalek/Esau-Edom) must be destroyed for moshiach [“messiah,” The Anti-Christ] to come:


Jewish Supremacy Exposed







And also a negative commandment 59 that it is a mitzvah [religious duty] and a command to wipe out from among all the descendants of Esau, the descendants of Amalek, male and female, young and old. What is Amalek? Says Hasidus, Amalek represent the concept of doubt. They put a doubt into everything that you want to do. That is why they are so evil. That is Amalek. That is why Amalek is so terrible and they have to be totally uprooted. Therefore God tells us we should erase their memory and we should eradicate them from the face of the earth. So when a Jew enters into edif, enters into the land of Israel, what should he do? The first thing is to appoint a king. Step 2: Destroy Amalek. Who is Amalek? Amalek comes from Esau. Esau was a brother to Jacob.


Esau who in modern day terms who is really basically, you know, uhhh, certainly one of them is America. Esau became Edom which is a nation. Edom became Rome. Instead of it being Rome, it became Christianity. Christianity, of course, ultimately became Western Civilization, so Esau of today is really Western Civilization.


[cuts to Netanyahu clip] …but the New Rome, the United States.…


Esau is Europe and the United States.


The Throne of God is incomplete until we destroy Amalek.


Any nation that has that religion can be considered Esau.


The audacity, the chutzpah, to destroy Amalek and to cut off the offsprings of the nation of Amalek.he goes on to say, “How do we do this today?”


What would be the most Jewish thing for the last Jew to do?


The most appropriate thing… He said the last thing that a Jew should do when he or she leaves Europe is to spit.



 Also archived at: Jews Explain How They are Commanded to Exterminate Western Civilization

by Mukunda Dasa, February 28, 2021








Amalek (also “Amalec”) was a grandson of Esau (Genesis 35:12). Amalek’s lineage came to be known as Amalechites or “Amalek.” (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק‎)


Jews make a great pretense of “kindness to neighbors,” but that is a lie. Judaism defines a hierarchy with Jews as the only “humans” (adam) and a variety of lesser status Gentiles as non-humans due no decent treatment:

  • ger tzedek (Hebrew: גר צדק‎, “righteous alien” ), a full convert to Judaism who can never have the same status as someone born of a Jew
  • ger toshav (Hebrew: גר תושב‎, ger: “foreigner” or “alien” + toshav: “resident,” lit. “resident alien,” conquered people, a Noahide
  • nokri (Hebrew: נָכְרִי, “stranger”)
  • sakir (Hebrew: שָׂכִיר, “hireling”)
  • amalek (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק‎) originally a biblical tribe destroyed completely by the Israelites, but in contemporary usage refers to anyone the Jews want to exterminate now.

The indignities suffered—including not just usury, theft, deceit, but even murder and total extermination of gentiles—condoned and/or unpunished by Judaism is white-washed and rationalized in many sources. See “context.”


Who does God say are Amalek?


While the Jews rested at Rephidim following their escape from Egypt, they were attacked by Amalekites. God thus commanded:


Remember what Amalec did to thee in the way when thou camest out of Egypt: How he met thee: and slew the hindmost of the army, who sat down, being weary, when thou wast spent with hunger and labour, and he feared not God.  Therefore when the Lord thy God shall give thee rest, and shall have subdued all the nations round about in the land which he hath promised thee: thou shalt blot out his name from under heaven. See thou forget it not. Deuteronomy 25:17-19


The destruction of the Amalekites is recorded in Exodus 17:8-16, but the Amalek live on in Jewish paranoia.


Because of the Jews’ pathological eternal perpetuation of “Esau hates Jacob” (Genesis 27:41 ff), anyone or anything that opposes them is deemed of Esau, “Amalek,” and must be totally exterminated.  Recall that these are the people who incessantly whine that they were targeted for extermination.


This persistent paranoia is a pervasive and recurrent them throughout Jewish history. For example, see:

Why Does Esau Hate Jacob?

By Yanki Tauber



The paranoia often becomes self-fulfilling because Jews act out their paranoia. Clueless and willful, the Jews refuse to admit or understand their paranoia as cause of the effects they incessantly bemoan.


Emboldened and intoxicated by their recent hegemony, Jews have identified Christians and all of Western Civilization, Europe and the USA, as Amalek to be totally exterminated.



Who does Chabad say are Amalek?


According to Chabad: “The Amalekites, descendants of Amalek, were an ancient biblical nation living near the land of Canaan. They were the first nation to attack the Jewish people after the Exodus from Egypt, and they are seen as the archetypal enemy of the Jews. The nation of Amalek is long gone, but they live on as the internal enemies that we each battle on a daily basis.”


Who Were Amalek and the Amalekites?

by Boruch Altein



Jews identify Amalek variously as sowers of doubt, the epitome of evil, Christianity, Western Civilization, and Netanyahu himself identifed the USA in the video below as Amalek (somewhat astonishing in view of the tribute of money and blood that the USA has made for the Synagogue of Satan’s project in the Holy Land.




The Jews have constructed an elaborate delusional system surrounding their mitzvot (religious duties) to totally exterminate “Amalek.”


Among many, see:

Peninei Halakha

Book Zeminim, Chapter 14, The Month of Adar

04. The Three Mitzvot Concerning the Obliteration of Amalek


05. The Mitzva to Wipe Out Amalek








civil war to marginalize the ‘the right’ • prelude of the Jewish plan



Political analyst compares Republican supporters to ‘Hitler voters’ ahead of midterms.



ABC News Panelist Panelist Matthew Dowd Compares End of Trump Presidency To End Of Nazi Germany (a claim that is as absurd as it is inflammatory in light of Trump’s perpetual subservience to the Jews)



Rabbi Cohen, 1996:


"We are about to turn the American people against the American patriots and produce the International Man! The One World patriot loyal to the United Nations and subservient to our law is becoming a fact. In our lifetime, we shall witness the destruction of Christian America and the supremacy of our ruling authority over the Goyim of the Western democracies!" [¶19]…


“We need to turn the minority Goyim of America against the Republican Party at all costs.[¶23]]…


“‘Divide and conquer’ is a very old and useful strategy. All Goyim would like to be at peace and to love one anther but our Jewish media keeps racism at a slow boil. We teach them to hate one another but to respect, to have compassion towards and reverence for the Jew. We teach them to accept as a fact the innate racism of America and the innate benevolence of the Jew. Thus, they shall destroy one another while holding us in great respect and honour! As long as they don't turn off the television and they continue to read the Jewish owned newspapers and magazines, we can control them. But woe to us if they ever learn who their real tormentors are! [¶24]…


“As long as we can keep all the colours in turmoil and keep their prejudices building, then during the final weeks before the elections, we will turn all of their pent up rage against the angry white bigots whom we will represent as Republicans, right-wing militias, extremists, gun-nuts, and Christians. The Goyim listen because our message is everywhere, in all of our media at once. So, they believe the big lie.” [¶29]


“Signs of the Times”

Bible Believers’ Newsletter 610




Chabad-Biden narrative for Jewish-planned US Civil War/Revolution • bringing the Eurasian World Order and “moshiach”









Joe Biden says Trump ideology threatens US democracy

by Sarah Smith & Max Matza, BBC



“Supporters of Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' (Maga) agenda are a threat to democracy, President Joe Biden has said. There's no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans and that is a threat to this country.…


“Mr Biden said Trump supporters thought of the mob who stormed the US Capitol last year as patriots, rather than insurrectionists. For a long time we told ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed. But it's not. We have to defend. Protect it. Stand up for it. Each and every one of us."


Jew Harold Rosenthal 1976:


“The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory. Mr. Rosenthal said coldly.…


“There will be a forced class of warfare here in the United States and many will be liquidated. The Jews will not be harmed. I'm not boasting! I'm giving you the facts! And it is too late for your Christian followers to put up a defense. That time is long past. Long, long ago we had to become the aggressors!! That is undoubtedly one our great purposes in life. WE are the aggressors!!”

paras 14 & 53

The Hidden Tyranny



“Jews are 62.5% of the Biden Administration (so far) The media is not mentioning that they are overrepresented in Biden's administration picks by a factor of 31; That should be a slogan of the Biden Administration: ‘Now with 31 times the Jews.’ Or perhaps they could just print bumper stickers and other merchandise that reads ‘31X.’”

Biden’s Jewish Administration




Quoting Jewish media Sha'a Tova:


The most influential Chabad followers in the world ● Special

חסידי חב"ד המשפיעים ביותר בעולם ● מיוחד

Rabbi Levy Shem Tov

"Rabbi of the White House, is a well-known and long-standing lobbyist in the ultra-Orthodox world. The door of the leaders and those who pull the strings in the White House is always open to him." On Rosh Hashanah, Vice President Joe Biden hosted Rabbi Shem Tov at a reception. "

14 Tishrei 5771 [September 22, 2010]




Here's a gut-buster:


“Amid the rise in antisemitism and its role underpinning the Capitol siege on Jan. 6…”


Has anyone heard anything “antisemitic” about “the insurrection”???!!! Quite the contrary, Chabad appeared at “the insurrection” with their moshiach flag.


Chabad’s Moshiach flag at ‘storming of Capitol’ • a psyop to blame the ‘Alt Right’ for their future-planned civil war


Clearer shot of the Chabad Moshiach flag at the the Capitol riot




Chabad Dugin 1998: “The New Right is a project & we are its architects. The future is truly ours.”


para 5

Fronda: A Monthly

by Danuta Z. Hutchins



Chabad Putin promotes US Communist revolution:


“On October 7, 2020, responding to a question from the Rossiya 1 TV channel on the US elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that countering imperialism and capitalism can provide a unifying agent between Moscow and a Biden administration. ‘Back in the 1930s, Communist International leaders wrote that both black and white workers had a common enemy – imperialism and capitalism. They also wrote that these people could become the most effective group in the future revolutionary battle. So, this is something that can be seen, to a degree, as common values, if not a unifying agent for us. I am not afraid to say so. This is true.’”

para 1

Russian President Putin: Countering Imperialism And Capitalism Can Provide A Unifying Agent For Russia's Relations With A Biden Administration



Catholic journalist Gougenot des Mousseaux:


“With the breaking out again of the revolution of 1848, I had connections with a Jew, who out of vanity betrayed the secrets of the secret societies of which he was a member. The latter instructed me eight or ten days in advance of all revolutions that would break out in any point of Europe. I have to thank him for the unshakeable conviction that all these great movements of ‘repressed peoples, etc.’ were instigated by half a dozen persons who imparted their instructions to the secret societies of the whole of Europe. The ground under our feet is through and through undermined and the Jewish people provided an entire contingent of these subterranean agitators!”

pg 75

The Plot Against the Church

by Maurice Pinay



Trump, Putin & Biden are all CHABAD crypto-Jews.




Trump and Putin serve Chabad • anticipate the arrival of “moshiach”






Israeli media states that in 2019, Trump sent two close Jewish friends to Israel, to ask Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky when moshiach (“Messiah,” the Anti-Christ) is coming. Put Kanievsky in perspective beyond the Wikipedia puff piece. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaim_Kanievsky Kanievsky was the rabbi of “Coronavirus is for the goyim” infamy https://youtu.be/PPEXC-jRABI ,  acclaimed by Jews as “The Prince of Torah” and a posek (Hebrew: פוסק , legal scholar). Kanievsky claimed he had already been meeting with moshiach. https://www.israeltoday.co.il/read/israeli-rabbi-says-hes-already-holding-meetings-with-messiah/ We cannot pretend he or his teachings were “fringe.” When he finally died in 2022, ½ million Jews attended his funeral. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-701834



Trump's emissaries asked the Garach: When will the Messiah come?


Two Jews from the United States, introduced themselves to Maren Sher of the Torah as personal friends of the President of the United States, delivered a greeting on his behalf and asked: When will the Messiah come? • This is how the Garach (Orthodox) answered them

The President of the United States, through Jewish emissaries, asked Maren the Garach Kanievsky when the Messiah would come. Maren's answer surprised the American Jews.


This week, during the reception of the audience, two Jews from the United States, who introduced themselves as close to the American government, entered the Maran of the Torah minister Garach Kanievsky.


The two added that they are personal friends of the President of the United States Donald Trump and that the President sent them and according to them, he wanted to convey to the rabbi that he had heard a lot about the rabbi's influence among the Jews of the world and that he was sending him greetings.


The insiders who were in the room testified that according to the response of Maran the Torah minister it would seem that the presidency and the administration in the United States - do not exactly bother him.


One of them said that the honorable president wants to know when the Messiah will come? According to what is published in the Shi'ah Devari bulletin, the rabbi smiled and answered the Jew with the question, "What are you preparing for the Messiah?"


Maran continued and asked him: Have you already moved to the Land of Israel? The Jew was embarrassed by Maran's surprising answer and answered in the negative...


Maran Sher of the Torah responded to him: "Come live here and soon we will see the coming of the Redeemer."


machine translation of

? שליחי טראמפ שאלו את הגר"ח: מתי יבוא המשיח





Jews control East & West • Chabad plan to bring in moshiach.


“Yaakov Shaham remembered that one of the times that he was playing golf with Trump against two managers in his company, Trump said to them: ‘We’re the Jews against the Cubans.’”

8th para

Trump's Israeli friend (and donor)





moshiach and the Third Temple


2018: “[Recent Israeli PM] Naftali Bennett insisted these are the days of the Third Temple.”

1st para

Israel Defense Minister: These are the Days of the Third Temple!






Trump is an agent of moshiach plan



Did Trump move the US Embassy to Jerusalem as a knowing step towards the re-building on the Third Temple by moshiach (Anti-Christ)?


The Jewish organization Orthodox Union (OU) held a celebratory breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem. US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was the keynote speaker. Education Minister (now PM) Naftali Bennett also spoke at the event.


The OU event, which was also attended by the US Ambassador to Israel, (Chabadnik) David Friedman & the American envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, said a few things that until a few years ago were perceived as exceptional & extreme. The president of the organization, Moshe Bain said that after the relocation of the American embassy, ​​the next step is to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.


'And pray to God that we will reach this day soon IN OUR DAY' Bain said.


Josh Wonder, director of the Temple of Little Olives, spoke about moving the US embassy as one step on the way to building the Temple in Jerusalem. He presented us with a coin of honor engraved with the faces of King Cyrus (the builder of the 2nd Temple) & Trump. 'And at the back we have an imprint of the Temple building. We hope the proclamations of Cyrus & Trump will lead to the construction of the 3rd Temple' Wonder said.


When will the 3rd Temple be built? we asked. “Soon, very soon. They have already begun.”

הקמת בית המקדש

:השלב הבא

The next step: “Establishment of the Temple,” May 14, 2018






“Trump is God’s Messenger for this important day.

The next step is the 3rd Temple.”

Video: OU (Orthodox Union) head Moshe Bain

1h 4m 28s- 1h 6m 18s

OU's Celebration of the US Embassy's Move to Jerusalem




Jewish ‘doctrine’:


“The Temple will be built by Messiah himself.”


13th para

Why Haven’t Jews Rebuilt the Temple Yet?

by Yehuda Shurpin






Chabad link with Trump:


Major Trump backer and éminence grise (a person who exercises power or influence in a certain sphere without holding an official position) Sheldon Adelson:

"My 2 kids were born with a bracha (blessing) from the Lubavitcher Rebbe."

Chabad Photo of the Day





Sheldon and Miriam Adelson receive a blessing from the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe before their wedding







“Sheldon Adelson was a big supporter of Chabad shluchim [agents] around the world...in conversation with (Putin's Rabbi) Berel Lazar.”










Chabad: “The Redemption promises all Jews will live in the Holy Land.”

sec 9

15 Moshiach Facts Every Jew Should Know




Facilitating that:


Sheldon Adelson gives $410 million to Birthright, which offers free trips to Israel to Jews:










Putin, Trump, and Adelson working together for Chabad’s agenda


2019: PUTIN spoke at the Keren Hayesod Foundation:


“The main financial institution of Zionism in Eretz (“Greater,” as in “expanded to at least Biblical borders”) Israel”

קרן היסוד

The foundation fund




At the event:


“Putin shook hands with Sheldon Adelson, as with an old acquaintance.”

48th para

Еврейский новый ход • Что делал Владимир Путин в объятиях мировой закулисы

Jewish new move • What did Vladimir Putin do in the arms of the world behind the scenes



In 2014, a Gala dinner held at the Moscow Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center. Berel Lazar delivered a welcoming speech & special guests were Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

9th para

Еврейский музей и центр толерантности объявил о создании эндаумент-фонда Музея

The Jewish museum and tolerance center announced the creation of the endowment fund of the Museum






the Russia-Ukraine bloodletting of Gentiles serves Chabad’s moshiach agenda


Yehezkel Lazar, son of Putin's Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar:


“We will live in Crimea until all Jews leave for Israel, when Messiah comes.”


2nd para

КРЫМ НАШ! ЧЕЙ? Сатанинский хабад усилит свое влияние в Крыму. Сын Берла Лазара уехал в Крым и обещает жить там, пока не придет Мессия

CRIMEA IS OUR! WHOSE? Satanic Chabad will increase its influence in the Crimea. Berl Lazar's son left for Crimea and promises to live there until the Messiah comes




Daryl Bradford Smith:

“In last 2 decades, the [Jewish-controlled] USA, has worked hard to give itself the image of a new Soviet Union.”

time stamp: 5:20-8:44

10. Edward Snowden, World Surveillance State, and Zionism

Inayet Wadee Interviews



The Western NWO (Soros, Gates, Schwab, Great Reset etc) is a total decoy.


The real NWO is planned from the still communist East (Perestroika Deception). In Jewish script, the Neo-Soviet Eurasian World Order, will ‘liberate’ the West from the ‘Globalist’ NWO.

The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – part II





The verdict…





The results of WW3:


  • The Anti-Christ reigns globally
  • Abomination of Desolation and the Sacrifice shall cease
  • Stage set for the End of the World
  • Mass depopulation of all ages, so the “sparks” are extinguished
  • The survivors are enslaved and lose their souls under Noahidism
  • The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead (per Our Lady of Akita)



Judaism will have hastened

the arrival of

The Anti-Christ (moshiach)

by “repairing the world”

(tikkun olam) using

bio-weapons, famine, and

nuclear war to exterminate

the satanic “sparks” of Gentiles

and the global domination and

enslavement of any survivors



you pray the Rosary daily


a true Pope consecrates Russia to the

Immaculate Heart of Mary

(per Our Lady of Fatima)






















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